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Astor Conveyor Systems


Astor Conveyor Systems
Fevzi Çakmak Mh. 10762 Sk.C Blok No.7/G Kobisan 2 Sanayi Sitesi
42050 KONYA

Route planner

Route planner

Service Spectrum: Represented in 11 categories

Safety and environment
Water treatment, plants and components
Oil separation, oil mist separation
Disposal systems
Swarf conveyors
Oil recovery equipment (chip separator)
Tipping containers for chip removal
Chip disposal systems
Swarf breaker
Emulsion breaking
Processing of coolants and lubricants
Filtration, ultrafiltration
Workshop equipment
Workshop fittings
Lifting and transport equipment

About us

Astor Conveyor designs and manufactures machines which provide solutions in line with needs of machining sector. Our products enable waste chips and cutting oil forming after machining to be recycled at the same time.

There are Conveyors, Centrifuge Systems, Separators and Tunnel Type Induction Furnace Loading Units.
We are able to make custom designs for companies and offer central solutions. We manufacture chip conveyors suitable for all brands of CNC machines and install central chip transmission & filtration lines.
In our factory having a modern machine park; there is continuity in manufacturing, quality and control.
Our company which has adopted customer satisfaction as a primary principle, continues to provide spare parts of machines that it manufactures, support and service, after-sales service for you with its experienced personnel.

Our company which is working to be a leader in sector, continues to work with professional, fast and reliable team in order to improve quality of its products and services .
It has adopted giving exact information and direction to its customers as a principle.
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