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High speed milling or sink erosion?
High speed milling or sink erosion? Flexible software solutions in line with machine and milling tool Easy handling, speed, flexibility, adaptability, and process reliability - these are just some of the demands that are requested from a manufacturing software. After all, the production process shall be fast and safe. But only when the machine, milling tools and, last but not least, the software form a team, synergies lead to optimal production. During this workshop, together with AURA-Frästechnik at OPS-INGERSOLL, we will show you, how to get your machine on high speed, by selecting the right milling tool with the support of Autodesk manufacturing software. Unleash the full potential of your machine, profit personally from the tips and tricks of the experts and develop new ideas for your own production. This workshop is intended to provide a platform for the exchange of experience of users in the field of high speed milling and sink erosion - with a thematic mix that allows you to echo your individual requirements and applications and also to contribute your own experience. In addition to practical lectures from the field of production with all its challenges and solutions that arise, practical application examples are also to be shown. After the official end of the workshop you will have time for individual discussions with the expert Team. You are cordially invited to participate in this Workshop, to get conviced from the possibilities and to benefit from the exchange with us as well as with all participants
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