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Axor Ind. s.a.s.
Viale Stazione, 5
36054 Montebello Vic.no (Vicenza)
+39 (0)444 4404-41
+39 (0)444 4404-18

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About us

AXOR INDUSTRIES now represents an important reality in the European panorama of manufacturers of servo drives and brushless servo motors for high-performance robotics. On the market since 1988, the year of its foundation,

it is now furnished with a completely new range of innovative products, both in terms of technology and in price-
performance ratio.

Important to note, also, the service continuity: all products, from 1988 to the present are still supplied and repaired.

All processes, from conception, design and prototype development, manufacturing, and sales and after-sales support are accomplished entirely at our site. SMT assemblies are manufactured at one of our branches, with up to date equipment and technology that is state of the art.

AXOR, ISO 9001 certified since 1996, and is for a number of years, the only company in this sector in Italy, utilizing equipment for testing extreme-Halt Hass conception of American avionics, used during development projects, in order to define and evaluate the real limits operation and failure modes of products: this means higher real quality standards right from the earliest stages of production.

Strong and present service access (PTP people-to-people) which, together with years of application experience and the availability of our staff, is one of the added values ​most appreciated by our customers in the pre and post sales support.

Efficiency-oriented, as well as providing more comprehensive servomotor systems, tested cables wired to a mobile or fixed installation, Servo drives and, where necessary, low backlash planetary gearboxes, support the customer in defining the design of the machine with mechanical and electrical sizing. The development and implementation of features in the Servo drives customized software allows you to complete the picture of what we call TCS (Total Customer Service).

AXOR in proposing to the market, has always focused on the competitiveness of its customers, trying to accomplish and offer products and solutions that are definitely a high price / performance ratio, but also with perceived added value on the final performance of the machines: bonus competitiveness always appreciated.

For many years our main vocation was and remains the motorization of axes for fast and precise control of space: high dynamics and excellent smooth running at very low speed. Experience, expertise in complete designing and manufacturing, whether electronic or electromechanical, have enabled the development of servo drives and motors for excellent performance which express suitably matched results not otherwise obtainable.

We are currently obtaining UL / CSA certification on all new products lines.
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