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Balance Systems


Balance Systems S.r.l.
Via Ruffilli, 8/10
20060 Pessano con Bornago (MI)
+39 02 9504955
+39 02 9504977

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Precision tools & clamping technology
Tool presetters and tool balancing
Controls & electronic equipment 3
Metrology & quality assurance
Linear and angular measurement
Measuring instruments
Measuring machines
Special purpose measuring equipment
Components for measuring and testing equipment
Analytical devices


About us

At Balance Systems we create cutting edge products in the two company’s core business areas: Balancing machines for rotating components and Process control systems for machine tools. Developing tomorrow’s technology, to go beyond expectations – that’s what enables us to provide exclusive solutions.

-Automatic balancing equipment for grinding wheels;
-Pre/in/post-process gauging systems;
-Touch Detectors, acoustic emission and electrical power sensors;
-Grinding wheel shape detection during dressing cycles;
-High-performance balancing machines for electric motors, rotor of alternator, brushless rotors, fans, electric fans, brake disk, drums, clutches, -turbines, flywheels, shafts, pumps, wheels, pulleys, propellers, couplings, spindles;
-Customised balancing machines.

The tradition of excellence and innovation, together with the special care we reserve to our clients, are our keys to success. Those qualities, together with the special care we reserve to our clients and collaborators, are part of our corporate business principles.
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