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Becker Diamantwerkzeuge

Insert for turning
Becker Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH
Inserts for turning
3D Chip Breaker Design
insert with chip breaker

Besides the manufacturing of extremely sharp cutting edges the new laser technology allows to manufacture all imaginable 3D chip geometries with and without chip breaker function, also for all diamond cutting materials.

Thereby all machining situations are very well controlled because besides the pure 3D chip geometries also finest positive and negative chamfer geometries along the cutting edges can be lasered at the same time. With this combination and a special surface structure in the range of chip design we succeeded with all diamond cutting materials in the dry processing of all NE-metals.

In combination with the ideal chip design and the exclusive machining with the new laser technology the polycrystalline CVD thick film diamond demonstrates its real strength. During the dry processing with chip breaker function the tool life time is 3 to 5 times higher than with all known PDC grades.
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