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Gebr. Becker


Gebr. Becker GmbH
Hölker Feld 29 - 31
42279 Wuppertal
+49 (0)202 / 6 97-0
+49 (0)202 / 66 08 55

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About us

Trend-setting pneumatic systems for demanding applications

Air technology plays an essential role in today's industrial world. Without air technology no modern hospital or printing plant would be able to function. There would be virtually no food packaging and the semiconductor production would also grind to a halt.

Countless industrial processes only become possible under vacuum pressure. Vacuum and blast air ensures precise, fast handling ("pick and place" applications) in production lines – e.g. for transporting raw eggs and moving heavy objects, in the winery or in the production of contact lenses and computer chips, or for blank assembly in clean rooms.

Besides the printing and packaging industry, where Becker has a long tradition, Becker units are also used in logistics, medicine and environment technology. Vacuum and pneumatic units with movable laser systems weld steel plates into hulls quickly and with high precision, package flour exact to the gram and vacuum-controlled money counting machines guarantee that the cash amount is correct. In the construction industry, plaster is applied to the walls by means of compressed air. Water treatment units supply swimming pools, aquariums and drinking water systems with oxygen. The Gebr. Becker GmbH is a long-term leading specialist in these fields of practice.

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