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The new circular saw HCS 130 multifluid provides perfect mass cutting performance.

Impressive features include a new machine base and optimized chip disposal. When it comes to cutting of high alloyed heat resistant steels bigger than 1200 N/mm², the new HCS 130 MF has all the answers. It provides the ideal hybrid of proven saw technology coupled with a high degree of variability and adaptability. In line with the specific machining assignment and saw cutting requirements, a range of special possibilities are offered. Depending on the application or on the material characteristics, three types of cooling / lubrication systems can be combined with each other in the most effective way: coolant jet nozzles for wet processing, micro-spray device for minimum quantity lubrication and a vortex tube for dry cutting.

The high-performance circular sawing line is configured for workpiece diameters of up to 130 mm. The Circular Saw cuts with blades from 315 mm up to 420 mm. The standard speed range of 20 to 250 rpm opens up scope for almost any type of sawing assignment.

The entire machine concept has been optimized to permit extended functionality for wet and dry cutting. A new chip conveyor with integrated coolant reservoir and coolant pump, for instance, ensures the rapid disposal of produced chips and coolant. The machine base is funnel shaped to guide both coolant and chips into the conveyor located underneath the cutting area.

The specialists at Behringer Eisele also decided to make the entire machine concept more rigid with a view to improving vibration dampening. This concept provides a substantial bonus in terms of saw blade lifetime coupled with an improved cutting surface for precise, rapid cuts, whether working wet or dry.

As a fully automatic high-performance circular saw, the new HCS 130 MF still focuses on maximum output, but without neglecting production-specific, flexible integration into downstream production processes - after all, a high degree of material handling flexibility is vital in allowing adjustment to today's continuously changing markets. Wide-ranging different infeed and discharge systems and link-up to magazines and storage systems, for instance, ensure independence from set night and day shift working - with the assurance of absolute process reliability.

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