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Vernet Behringer presents compact drilling-milling machine for profiles

The HD-S model has been inspired by the HD-XEVO drilling-milling machine launched during Euroblech in 2014. It became immediately THE reference in this category and will be positioned as an entry level, particularly dedicated to small/medium-sized steel fabricators looking for a versatile machine with compact footprint or bigger companies requiring an additional line for lighter profiles, with 400 x 300 mm capacity.

The HD-S is a 3-spindle machine that can drill simultaneously the web and both flanges of H-beams, but also process channels, angles, flats as well as right hollow sections. Jansen steel profiles for windows and doors can also be machined thanks to an optional adaptation kit.

The machine offers a unique clamping system with CNC controlled x-axis with 150 mm stroke which ensures:

  • High productivity when carbide drilling, as there is no time lost for clamping/unclamping operation between holes (within 150 mm window), in combination with high-end energy efficient Siemens spindle motors.
  • Vibration-free milling operations on profiles (long holes, openings etc.)
  • Fast and precise part identification and layout marking with Vernet Behringer’s exclusive V-scoring system
  • Low running costs thanks to extended tool life and easy maintenance

The range comprises the HD-S 612, 912 and 1012 with respectively 600, 900 and 1000 x 300 mm capacity.

It is available with a wide range of infeed/outfeed loading and transport systems and can be installed in line with a high performances BEHRINGER band sawing machine for straight and mitre cuts.



VERNET BEHRINGER, together with our German affiliate company BEHRINGER GmbH, and within the Partners for Steel (P4S) alliance is the only Premium Company offering a wide spectrum of production lines exclusively dedicated to Structural steel fabricators, Steel stock holders, and transmission towers specialists. Our range of CNC machines covers all the crossed combinations of punching, drilling, sawing, shearing, marking, plasma/oxy cutting ...for any type of steel profiles ( H-I-U as well as welded beams), angles and plates (thin and thick ones).

More than a conventional "machine supplier", our very long lasting experience (more than 130 years for VERNET and 95 years for BEHRINGER) has converted us into a "global solutions provider", capable to offer turnkey lines together with our Partner RÖSLER, comprehensive software packages or purpose-built machines for specific demands, such as railway rails machining.

Our newest machines, like HD-XEVO for profiles or VP-X for angles have been rapidly recognized as references in their markets, combining highest productivity, low production costs and best reliability.

VERNET BEHRINGER is also innovating in full automatic lines that can work without any operator, with smart systems such as tool wear and breakdown supervision, real-time alert reports, smartphone apps etc…

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