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Biogest AG
Siemensstr. 1
65232 Taunusstein
+49 (0)6128 9758-0
+49 (0)6128 9758-58

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About us

Water is one of our most elementary resources and its value is increasing on account of depleting resources. Water management and water technology are increasingly gaining in importance in this process.

Since 1976 we as BIOGEST® AG have maintained a top position in the handling of domestic waste water – with determined diligence, great ideas and patents, with commitment and enthusiasm. BIOGEST is your solution provider for plants and products from water, waste water and environmental technology, for your concepts, plans, for delivery and construction.

Rainwater treatment, flood control, wastewater treatment and sludge treatment are our business activities which we offer nationally as well as internationally. The matching product ranges are:

- Combined sewer overflows (CSO)
- Flow regulators
- Flushing systems
- Solids retention station
- Sludge treatment
- Wastewater treatment Technology
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