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ELECT102 - Just the right amount of power at the right price

ELECT102 brings you the right power to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

For parts of up to Ø 102 mm (4.0") in size, the new compact size bending head boosts productivity and expands the range of feasible jobs.

The new ELECT102 implements All-Electric machine features:

  • Very short programming and setup time
    The position and power settings of each electric axis are saved together with the part program. This means that no adjustments are needed on the machine to change production because this is carried out by exploiting the electrical actuation of the axis.
  • Contact repeatability and accuracy over time
    All setup parameters are saved with the current program. This means fast setup and, above all, position repeatability: no special expert re-tooling knowledge is required signifying that the machine does not need to be operated by a specialist.
  • Unmanned operation
    Onboard sensors stop production when conditions are not perfect. This makes unmanned processes reliable and avoids costly wastes.

Designed for comfortable use, the ELECT102:

  • is provided with a 19" capacitive multi-touch panel which can be operated even when wearing gloves and an icon-based user interface.
  • It allows flexible, dynamic management of the work area according to the size of the part to be made with scanner laser application and selector.


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