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LC5: one choice, twice the opportunities

The LC5 is a combined sheet and tube laser cutting system. Compactness, ergonomics, modularity and versatility: these are the keywords for understanding the potentials of a system which ensures non-stop efficient production for cutting sheets and tubes.

Levico Terme, in December 2015. The LC5 is compact, because it integrates the electric and electronic parts aboard the machine itself to reduce clearance and installation time, ergonomic, because it provides large access to the working area and a double control system with touchscreen, modular and versatile because it is has optional units which can be installed to satisfy mutually diverse needs in terms of layout, production and automation.

Combined systems

The LC5 offers the opportunity of using one single laser cutting system to approach two different, distinct markets: tube processing and sheet processing. This is an interesting advantage for workshops wanting to reach out to new customers and for OEMs because they no longer need to outsource for prototyping and making their products.
Being able to switch rapidly from one job to another, combined with accuracy, high quality, automation and speed, are the key elements for obtaining real advantages deriving from combined system use. The LS5 responds to these needs and goes beyond the concept of a sheet cutting system which can also process tubes, or vice versa, by providing two physically separate, modular systems which are combined in one capable of operating at top level for cutting metal sheets and tubes which share a laser cutting focusing head, controlling it as needed.

Sheet processing

For cutting sheets, the LC5 provides amazing functions and performance all deriving from BLM GROUP's considerable experience in laser cutting in general, and sheet cutting in particular.
Two versions of the sheet cutting LC5 are available: a 3000x1500 mm version and a new 4000x2000 mm version. A complete range of automation systems, including loading/unloading systems and/or tower pallet storage systems, are available for both.
The famed modularity and flexibility of ADIGE-SYS systems is fully expressed in the LC5. For defining the layout most suited to the available clearance, for instance, the pallet changer can be arranged either longitudinally for a long narrow system or crosswise making the system shorter and more compact.

Tube processing

The LC5 implements the concepts successfully experimented on BLM GROUP Lasertube machines to obtain the best results for cutting tubes, as well.
The system can be fed with bundles of tubes of diameter up to 120 mm, process each tube individually and then unload the finished parts. The design of the loading system, the pass line with tail carriage and steady rest and the unloading system is based on similar components fitted in Lasertube systems of equal size. The systems form a self-standing whole which share only the laser cutting head. This means that the system performance is identical to that of a Lasertube machine.
The tube processing system can be installed at a later time to complete a system which initially installed for sheet cutting only.


The LC5 is available with CO2 laser sources of power to 4.5 kW or fibre laser sources of power up to 5 kW. A very complete cutting parameter database is available for both sources to obtain excellent performance in terms of production time, reliability and cutting quality with all feasible materials and thicknesses.
The automatic nozzle changer, the next-generation, high-efficiency nozzles, the assisted centring function and the new Procutter head for fibre laser cutting are only some of the details which allow the LC5 to secure results of absolute excellence.

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