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LT-FREE: products finished in a single operation

LT-FREE: products finished in a single operation

LT-FREE is a 5-axial laser cutting machine developed by BLM GROUP to offer maximum operational flexibility and simplicity of laser cutting of bent pipes, flat pipes, shaped sheets, hydroformed elements, collapsible elements and welded elements. Thanks to certain technical novelties, the unit has even greater performance.

Cantù 25 October 2016 In its many configurations, the LT-FREE machine is capable of performing a full work cycle with ease. The processes that enter into such a cycle are inconceivable in the case of traditional technologies. Starting from simple and effective off-line programming, the LT-FREE machine reduces the number of semi-finished products and manufactured finished products within a short time, in a very inexpensive process.

LT-FREE is a system created with various applications in mind, from prototyping to serial production, in such sectors as automotive, aerospace, motorcycles, household appliances, HVAC, furniture and steel structures.

To satisfy the needs of individual clients, four different configuration options are available:

  • Entry Level is an option created for prototyping and job shops, intended for producing small lots. The unit is equipped with a single base where elements are fastened for processing. When the quality of processing and simplicity of operation are more important than production times, this configuration is decidedly more appealing.
  • Piece Value is a unit intended for serial production typical for the automotive sector. This configuration, with a rotating base, is the ideal solution for applications requiring frequent replacement of instrumentation and high production capacity.
  • Mid-Flex is the right solution for small elements with additional manufacturing requirements. Two moving bases operating in a divided work area allow for optimization of work cycles by performing loading/unloading operations quickly.
  • High Flex is the most comprehensive option, universal and efficient, with two independent, robotic bases, providing maximum flexibility. Besides sheets and mechanical assemblies, this system is capable of precisely and efficiently processing bent and hydroformed pipes, which can be positioned at will during processing thanks to the robots, without the need for using complicated tools.

The application for a fiber laser with power between 1 and 2 kW provides the LT-FREE machine with the capability of cutting a very wide range of materials, while saving energy and maintenance costs at the same time.

The Active Piercing function, which automatically controls the hole cutting stage, has proven to be particularly effective in the LT-FREE unit. Active Piercing makes programming hole cutting easy, without any need to worry about the material's thickness, which is often variable from area to area in many elements processed on the LT-FREE unit. This function also manages hole cutting within the shortest possible time, without damaging the wall of the pipe resting on the processed wall.

LT-FREE is easy to use. Planning and simulation software makes it easy to import 3D projects to quickly identify and isolate components to be processed, to automatically generate the work program and to simulate the program graphically for the purpose of inspecting and correcting potential irregularities. It's all done off-line, before going to the machine and without wasting time. The software package also contains an effective module for designing auxiliary tools, which can quickly be made using the LT-FREE unit itself.

The High Flex and Value options also include the Bin Packing unit, a powerful station for automatic loading/unloading, providing the LT-FREE unit with totally independent operation.

It is possible to detect individual elements to be processed inside the container by means of the precise monitoring system and to collect them by means of an external robotic arm, and then to place them on the base of the LT-FREE unit for processing. The cycle ends with collection of the processed element from the work base and placing it in the container for finished products.

More generally, the presence of an external loading robot provides many possibilities for customizing the unit for loading/unloading for the LT-FREE unit, with automatic solutions including possible loading onto other units from BLM GROUP. For example, a robot on a feed conveyor collects an element and places it in the pipe bending machine automatically, or into the LT-FREE unit.

All this in an efficient operational process with a continuous 24x7 cycle, capable of providing good production times, continuous production and low costs.


For more information:
Giovanni Zacco – Communication BLM GROUP
E-mail: pr@blmgroup.it
Tel.: +39 031 7070200


BLM GROUP is a global partner for the entire tube fabrication industry with a worldwide presence and thousands of successful installations in a wide variety of industries.

  • BLM SPA, based in Cantù (CO), specializes in the production of CNC tube-bending machines, end forming, wire bending equipment and related automation devices.
  • ADIGE SPA based in Levico Terme (TN), manufactures systems for laser-cutting tubes and machines for saw cutting tubes, bars and sections. The range is augmented with wire brushing machines, measuring systems, washing systems and collectors
  • ADIGE-SYS SPA based in Levico Terme (TN) specialises in the production of "hybrid" laser-cutting systems for cutting both tubes and sheet metal, plus a line of large capacity laser tube cutting machines and related part handling.

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