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BN Automation


BN Automation AG
98693 Ilmenau
+49(0) 3677 855-0
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About us

Our company, founded in Ilmenau in 1990, provides solutions in the fields of automation and networks. In the automation division, we concentrate on the processes of supply and disposal, environmental processes and the processing industry. In the networks division, we set up and maintain companies´ network infrastructures. Our work is based on our comprehension of technologies, our knowledge of the opportunities offered by automation technology and telecommunications and our experience in the realisation of complex projects.
Our employees are the bearers of this wealth of experience. At BNA, you will find a setting in which openness and the transfer of responsibility develops cooperative actions and the identification of each individual with his or her duties.
The bringing together of experts from various fields of technology at BNA and their dedication to interaction create solutions which are more than simply the
sum total of the individual components. This competence in creating solutions and our employees´ commitment form the foundation on which we build up lasting partnerships with our clients.