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Bock & Heitbreder


Bock & Heitbreder Software-Entwicklungs- und Vertriebs GmbH
Neue Reihe 2
33699 Bielefeld
+49 521 92458-0
+49 521 92458-89

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About us

Bock & Heitbreder Software is the result of a synthesis of computer science, mechanical engineering and business administration.

Our basis is decades of experience in the metal industry through intensive customer contact in the sale of precision tools, machine tools and clamping hydraulics. We were able to develop competence and knowledge for the production process in particular by setting up a production facility for steep taper tool holders. Michael Bock and his future partner Oliver Heitbreder designed a graphic control station in order to achieve the objective of economical production under complex and challenging conditions. This planning tool facilitates the identification of scheduling problems on the one hand and the determination of capacity bottlenecks on the other.

Word of this development spread quickly. But customers expected more than just production planning. They wanted to calculate, create production orders, write purchase orders, invoices and delivery notes. The market was ripe. We took our chance and founded our company in 1997 with the aim of developing industry software for small and medium-sized businesses.

In a short time a complete ERP system was developed. Our company's philosophy is based on practical experience: Despite the complex realities of manufacturing companies, our software is always easy to use and quick to learn - the result is PP EASE.

We focus on individual consulting and support for our users, so that an optimal benefit is created from the use of our software. A disproportionately increasing success strengthens our partners in the market, our employees and us on this path.

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