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Böma GmbH
Rohnen 940
A-6861 Alberschwende
+43 (0)5579 20056
+43 (0)5579 200564

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About us

We are a specialist for conveyor technology

We design bespoke systems for your specific applications

We are a solutions-finder for application-specific Problems, in industrial conveyor Technology. Together with our Aluminium construction kit, we are modularly prepared, and can customize and combine the modules to your dimensions, speeds, angles, etc... Our delivery program includes simple conveyor belts as well as entire systems in large factory halls including any Automation requirements. We serve many industries; very often we are in fields of injection moulding, plant construction, metal, automotive, pharmaceutical, foodstuffs and chemicals.

We construct and assemble the conveyor systems in our assembly hall and we can offer commissioning and service on site. Close to you, we have technically trained sales partners who are happy to design the most suitable solution with you.
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