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Bosch Rexroth News

Flexible, robust, easy to connect: Industrial PCs from Rexroth

With new generation PR, VR, DR industrial PC platform, Bosch Rexroth sets new standards in the low and middle power range in terms of cost-effectiveness. Moderate acquisition costs, maintenance-free design and use of the hardware until at least 2027 combine an attractive price/performance ratio with investment protection. Equipped with up-to-date Intel processors from different performance classes, the box and panel PCs of the PR and VR series open up a well graduated system for a wide variety of tasks, including Industry 4.0 applications with high data throughputs. The modern multi-touch displays of the DR series are available for visualization and operation of the box PCs. As a special service, Bosch Rexroth also offers individualized designs, e.g. with the imprint of the OEM logo.

The PR box PCs are suitable for either horizontal or vertical installation. For demand-oriented visualization and operation, the high-resolution capacitive multi-touch widescreen displays of the DR series are available in graduated sizes from 12 to 21 inches. They can be connected either via DisplayPort/USB or CDI+, where up to three multi-touch displays can be connected without repeaters with just one cable up to 100 meters long. The VR panel PCs combine the properties of PR and DR in one unit and primarily target HMI-based applications.

High economic efficiency and investment protection

Bosch Rexroth uses various Intel CPUs with different performance levels in order to achieve incremental scalability. The range extends from the quad-core ATOM processor with 1.6 GHz to the multi-core i7 processor with 2.6 GHz. In addition to the needs-oriented selection of CPUs, the maintenance-free, EMC, shock and vibration-proof design also makes a positive contribution to cost-effectiveness. Since the solution does not use fans or other moving parts, energy efficiency and long-term availability are increased. In addition, Bosch Rexroth guarantees that the hardware will be in use until at least 2027. The series will be available for at least five years, followed by a further five years in which Rexroth will provide service and spare parts.

Connectivity and data security

Users can choose from a variety of expansion options and numerous interfaces to customize connectivity according to their needs. They range from WLAN / Bluetooth, Gbit LAN/, RS-232 and RS-422/485 to 4G with LTE/HSPA+/GPRS and GPS, up to 16 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. In addition, hardware extensions with half-size PCIe and full-size mini PCIe slots are possible. High-performance, robust and RAID-capable SSD memories from 32 GB increase system availability and data backup, especially with regard to documentation tasks for traceability of all process steps.

Ready for Industry 4.0

For networked environments and data-intensive i4.0 tasks, all new models feature cycle-synchronous Intel i210 chipsets. They form the basis for real-time-capable Ethernet communication with controllers or higher-level systems in order to make production more flexible or shorten cycle times. The TPM 2.0 modules for security-by-design, which are also installed throughout the system, are used for secure, non-manipulable operation of the industrial PCs from the boot process through to the running application as well as for the internal storage of certificates, keys and other protective mechanisms.

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