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Bosch Rexroth News

Working hydraulics from Bosch Rexroth sets Internet of Things in motion

The Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining enormous importance in logistics. Furthermore, the connection of virtual cloud-based business transactions with concrete logistics processes is rapidly progressing. With its new EDG valve block, Bosch Rexroth is pushing ahead in providing the necessary control of the working hydraulics using IT systems. Implement hydraulics can handle different situations and the requirements of conveyor systems without human intervention using the appropriate control units in the vehicle and gateways to higher-level systems.

Especially in warehouses containing a wide variety of goods, operators of forklifts must comply with a large number of specifications in order to transport sensitive goods with the necessary care. In light of increasing warehouse sizes and wider varieties of goods, drivers can easily become overwhelmed, resulting in damaged goods. IoT approaches guarantee that sensitive goods are lifted and placed down gently and offer the possibility of having complete documentation. To accomplish this, they have direct access to the implement hydraulics and additional sensors on the fork lift truck.

This is exactly what Bosch Rexroth makes possible with electronified hydraulic solutions such as the new electrohydraulic EDG valve block with load-sensing pressure limitation. IT systems use sensors to detect the goods being transported and their respective handling instructions. These specifications are sent via gateways to the electronic Rexroth control unit from the BODAS family, which then translates these specifications into setpoints for the EDG valve block. As a result, the support function offered by IT has a direct influence on the implement hydraulics' power, acceleration and other parameters, thereby providing relief to the driver.

The Rexroth EDG electrohydraulic valve block has a modular sandwich plate design and the basic variant is aimed at the market segment of 1 to 3.5 ton fork lift trucks. The optimized flow in the cast iron components greatly improves efficiency. Load pressure-independent load-sensing (LS) is available for all sections of the blocks. The pressure compensator and the secondary valves are integrated into the disc housing. Flow volumes of up to 120 l/min are possible by exchanging the inlet element. Hence the valve block can also be used for fork lift trucks above 3.5 tons.

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