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Brevetti Stendalto


Brevetti Stendalto S.p.A.
Viale Stucchi 66/8
20052 Monza (MI)
+39 039 204901
+39 039 834250

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Controls & electronic equipment
Power electronics
Cable holder chains

About us

In 1968, one idea changed the world of cable chains forever. Brevetti Stendalto was the first company ever to produce a cable chain made of nylon. That product became the inspiration for competitors. Brevetti Stendalto’s cable chains with the yellow pin are known and imitated all over the world.

Today, after almost fifty years of industrial development, Brevetti Stendalto is still the reference company. Its vast product range is able to meet any requirement, wherever a cable chain is used.

Our customers enjoy top-quality products capable of satisfying.

Brevetti Stendalto’s four branch companies and a network of qualified distributors guarantee product availability everywhere in the world, as well as effective and timely customer care. The company headquarters in Monza (Italy) also provide technical support.

Brevetti Stendalto has based its success on the specific focus on customers’ requirements and the willingness to share their challenges, rather than the typical financially-driven logic of multinational companies.
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