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Bucher Hydraulics


2019-10-03 Intelligent Elevator with "Eyes"

Bucher Hydraulics' Digital Hydraulic Elevator Wins Zug Innovation Award Go to press info

2019-08-20 Sustainable AX Pumps and Motors

Reduce power loss of electrical machines by up to 50% with AX pumps and motors. Go to press info

2019-07-05 Victory at FRAISA 'ToolChampions' 2018/2019

Who are the best multi-skills technician apprentices in Switzerland? Go to press info

2019-06-21 "We Are Heaven-Sent" – Tackling Things Together

How young people are improving the world in 72 hours! Go to press info

2019-06-12 Successful Downsizing with the New QXEHX

Reducing the drive torques by increasing the speed in the drive train for greater economy and higher energy efficiency. Go to press info

2019-05-29 World Innovation AX

Do piston pumps have disadvantages? Not anymore! Go to press info

2019-05-25 Smarter Systems Architecture

Add value systematically Go to press info

2019-05-10 High-Performance Machines + Maximum Up-Time

Three functions in one valve: Load-control valves in the CINDY series combine the functions of load-holding, safety and pipe-rupture protection. Go to press info

2019-05-07 Shamrock Shuffle - a Community-Building Tradition

For 40 years, the Shuffle has taken place on the weekend after St. Patrick’s Day and kicks off the running season. Go to press info

2018-12-13 Fascinating Fluid

With us, everything revolves around fluid technology – both in the company and outdoors in nature. Go to press info

2018-11-23 Thanksgiving in the United States

Eating turkey and pumpkin pie, watching college football, and spending time with loved ones are just some United States Thanksgiving Day traditions. Go to press info

2018-11-20 Curious About Their Parents' World?

On Future Day, we give schoolchildren the opportunity to experience their parents' world of work at Bucher Hydraulics. Go to press info

2018-11-19 Bucher Hydraulics S.p.A. – a Company of People!

Our employees – actors of our success! Go to press info

2018-10-26 Ultra-Safe Mobile Machines

Maximum safety and environmental friendliness are the challenges facing mobile machines today Go to press info

2018-10-15 Training Start Apprentices 2018 – How to Form an Unbeatable Team!

Our start into this new phase of life, or ... how to get a grip of our nerves! Go to press info

2018-08-17 Welcome Wuxi Deli!

Bucher Hydraulics has entered into a joint venture in China by acquiring an 80% stake in Wuxi Deli Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. Go to press info

2018-08-03 The Wind Energy Challenge

Wind energy is one of the fastest-growing forms of power generation worldwide Go to press info

2018-07-20 The Grand Finale of the Hyperloop Contest 2018

The Swissloop Team from ETH Zurich will travel to California again this year for the final of the Hyperloop Contest. We are very excited – our temperatures are rising along with those of our team! Go to press info

2018-07-19 Reduce Emissions in the Long Term

Servo-hydraulic pump-control systems allow Bucher Hydraulics to keep pace with the trend to conserve energy and reduce CO2 emissions even in hydraulic systems. Go to press info

2018-06-27 Milestones in Our History

From Blacksmith's Forge to Global Corporation Go to press info

2018-05-14 Reliability from the Modular System

Reliable design is based on both the detail design of individual components as well as an examination of the overall system. Go to press info

2018-04-19 Mighty Mini UP40

Dimensions reduced to the absolute minimum for space-critical applications Go to press info

2018-04-11 Visit us at Hannover Messe / CeMAT 2018

Efficiency and productivity boost thanks to networked machines and services Go to press info

2018-04-11 Visit us at CeMAT 2018

Efficiency and productivity boost thanks to networked machines and services Go to press info

2018-04-06 LCV – Master of the Extreme

The red snow groomers from Kässbohrer are a familiar sight in every ski resort. Under the hood there are nine of our LCV series valves. Go to press info

2018-03-21 The Perfect Groove

Did you know why ski slopes have grooves? Go to press info

2018-03-15 Top-Class Experience Exchange at the IFK

Network with our hydraulic and product specialists at the accompanying trade exhibition Go to press info

2018-02-23 New One-Way Street

Check valves with 50 percent higher flow rating Go to press info

2018-02-15 International Elevator and Escalator Expo 2018

iValve – the Intelligent and Cost Saving Solution Go to press info

2018-01-15 High Performance Field Operators

A Machine of Many Talents – QXM-Mobil Go to press info

2017-12-07 Christmas Competition

Christmas will soon be here and we'd like to bring you a little bit of joy! Go to press info

2017-11-29 EXCON India 2017

Discover our Highlights at Excon India 2017. Come and Join us in Hall 3LL, Booth A81! Go to press info

2017-11-27 Profitable Lumberjack

Quick and Safe Control System for Forest Cranes Go to press info

2017-11-27 Profitable Lumberjack

Quick and Safe Control System for Forest Cranes Go to press info

2017-11-24 Bucher Hydraulics – Gold Partner in Project Hyperloop

Bucher Hydraulics – Gold Partner in Project Hyperloop
Zoom from Zurich to Geneva in 15 minutes? Or even to Berlin in just 40 minutes? This is what students at the ETH are working towards with our support. Go to press info

2017-11-16 Impressions from Our Booth

Bucher Hydraulics successfully starts Agritechnica. The booth is well-visited and interesting. Go to press info

2017-11-08 New 3D Application for our Agritechnica Highlights

3D real time animation provides you an interactive insight into our most important exhibition highlights. Go to press info

2017-11-06 Limiting the Local Pressure in Post-Compensated Valves

The way to combine the advantages of pre-compensated load sensing valves with those of post-compensated flow-sharing valves. Go to press info

2017-10-19 Visit Us at Agritechnica 2017 — Hall 17, Booth E24

Discover Our New Products and Highlights and Win a Jumbo Toblerone! Go to press info

2017-10-10 Come and Join Us at Interlift 2017 – Hall 1, Booth 1118

What Does It Take to Modernize and Why Is Refurbishing of an Existing System Ecologically Sustainable Go to press info

2017-07-27 Team Swissloop is in the final

Having faced many setbacks, Team Swissloop succeeded in passing the stringent safety check and was thus approved for testing on the test track! Go to press info