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Machine tools > Machining centres > High speed machining centres
One Machine with 3 Different Concepts

G6 is designed for today's production challenges at a different level. Perfect U-shape closed-guideway design with built-in spindle move by 3 linear axes and table moving by swiveling rotary axes. The double symmetric and synchronized axes for best dynamic for the gantry no matter the position for the machining force.
AXILE developed three different concepts based on the same machine structure:
• G6 Compact
For the smaller subcontractors with reduced space availability.
• G6 Standard
With bigger tool magazine for more complex parts manufacturers
• G6 APC
For those who need longer production times through automation.
• G6 MT
With mill-turn multi-function machining for higher integration of machining processes.
Machine tools > Machining centres > High speed machining centres
5-Axis CNC Machine
The G8 design is based on an advanced gantry construction giving the most powerful structure to achieve the best working conditions when machining the most complex work pieces.

The powerful 5 axes simultaneous machining is provided by high dynamics from tool motion (3 axes) and working piece motion (2 axes). Both rotary axes in the table are driven by built-in motors with high torque!
AXILE-V series
Machine tools > Machining centres > High speed machining centres
The V series high-speed machining center provides Die / Mold solution for highly precise machining capability is realized by high spindle speed, fast acceleration/deceleration, and precision contour feed control. Machine frame is analyzed with the FEM system to ensure the optimum machine stability. V combines maximum productivity with a reasonable investment.

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