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CAMWorks Blog

Webinar: Tolerance Based Machining and Industry 4.0

June 2016
Author: CAMWorks
Company: Geometric Technologies, Inc.
Webinar: Tolerance Based Machining and Industry 4.0

Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 undertakings bring about significant changes in the usage of 3D CAD Model Data for Manufacturing Automation

Join us for this exciting webinar to learn how Tolerance Based Machining will revolutionize the CAD/CAM industry and improve your time-to-market!

Get a first-hand view of how dimensions, tolerances and model annotations can be used to automatically create CNC programs for machined components. We’ve all heard about the benefits of drawingless environments, relatively recent acronyms like PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) and MBD (Model Based Definition), and features like DimXpert in SOLIDWORKS… but for the first time, an application that leverages this information to automate and dramatically accelerate the manufacturing process is now available.

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