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CAR S.r.l.
Via Piemonte, 2
20040 Busnago (MI)
+39 039 6959161
+39 039 6957330

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 8 categories

Machine tools
Grinding machines
Internal grinding machines
Abrasive band grinding machines
Honing, lapping and polishing machines
Honing machines
Cylinder honing machines
Surface lapping and cylindrical lapping machines
Lapping machines for diamond tools
Superfinishing machines
Precision tools & clamping technology
Hand held tools (electric)
Flexible Shafts & Accessories

About us

CAR s.r.l., with a thirty-year industrial experience, is one of the world- wide Leader Manufacturers Company in the projecting and carrying out of Machines, Equipment and System for cylinder Honing and Lapping, with relevant mechanical precisions and roughness.

Our products, largely used in several industrial fields, are manufactured in Italy and sold all around the world by our trade- mark which is guarantee of quality and efficiency. OurCustomers’honingapplicationsare:tubes,hydraulicdistributors, injectors, gears, bushes, dies hard metal, ceramic etc... and our Equipments are used in several industrial processes like oil-hydraulics, cylinders super-finishing, and after deep drilling and grinding.

CAR S.R.L. standard production includes Vertical CNC MACHINES available to hone up to 1.500 mm, Horizontal up to 8.000 mm, CNC, manually or automatic Machines, controlled by PLC, based on software “LPE” projected and developed by CAR S.R.L. technical Offices. All our Machines and relative operative programs can be personalized on specific Customers’ requirements and honing exigencies. Together with Honing Machines, CAR S.R.L. also produce MANDRELS for all bore type with diameters range from 3,80 mm to 1.000 mm; these Mandrels are with expansion systems, nominal, single stroke, hardened, diamond/CBN Sleeves and Special Tools manufactured on specific Customers’ requirements.

Onto these Mandrels we can assembly Abrasive and Super-abrasives STONES with Silicon Carbide, Aluminium Oxide, CBN, Diamond, resin or metal bond. Our job, with an high specialized Technical Staff able to resolve any kind of honing problem, is always put to the continue research and technology development, and it is constantly rewarded through the confirmed Customers’ satisfaction and fidelity.

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