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Heidenhain Schulungspartner

As HEIDENHAIN mobile authorized training partner Center4CNC offers qualifications iTNC530 and TNC640 control them on the spot.

In the framework of this authorization, we offer in the area of iTNC 530 and TNC640 control from immediately following courses at them locally at:

5 days basic course of iTNC 530/TNC 640

5 days advanced course of iTNC 530/TNC 640

1-3 days individual workshops we come to them in the company, bring the required equipment and train them on the spot. You can test your knowledge directly on your machine.

Questions about the courses or for advice call us like 08191 / 93 733 at 59 or send an E-Mail

Dr. Johannes HEIDENHAIN GmbH develops and manufactures linear and angle measuring devices, rotary encoders, position indicators, numerical control systems for demanding positioning tasks. Products are especially in high-precision machine tools and equipment for the production and processing of electronic components used HEIDENHAIN.

Through the comprehensive know-how in the development and manufacture of measuring instruments and controllers HEIDENHAIN creates important prerequisites for the automation of equipment and production machinery of tomorrow.
It has in 50 countries, sales offices and employs about 6,000 people, of which 2700 at the headquarters of Traunreut. To date, HEIDENHAIN made over 240,000 CNC control systems for Europe and is therefore one of the market leaders.

HEIDENHAIN is represented mostly by its own subsidiaries in all industrialized countries. Sales engineers and service technicians support the user on-site consulting and customer service.
In addition to the training offered to the HEIDENHAIN TNC controls at the facility in Traunreut, HEIDENHAIN has established a training network with authorized training partners, now also Center4CNC belongs to.

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