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PMK Face Milling System
PMK Face Milling System
Surface milling tool
CeramTec GmbH
Surface milling tools
PMK Face Milling System
CeramTec’s PMK face milling cutter system is ideally suited for rough milling and finishing of gray cast iron and ductile cast iron materials. These milling cutters work with an approach angle of 88°.

In order to attain outstanding surface qualities during finishing, the PMK series has been fitted with insert seatings that can be set in the Z-direction. When the specially-developed broad finishing inserts are preset in the μm range they can generate surface roughness values of up to 0.5 μm. The SPK® inserts in their fixed seatings take care of the cutting work; the finishing inserts create the surface with their preset, slightly higher position. For HPC rough machining operations using the PMK milling cutter system, the adjustable insert seatings are equipped with roughing inserts and set to the same height as the inserts in the fixed insert seatings.
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IKS-PRO-Mini Tool System
IKS-PRO-Mini Tool System
Tool holder
CeramTec GmbH
Tool holders
IKS-PRO-Mini Tool System
The IKS-PRO-Mini tool system in combination with the specially adapted SPK® HD-LINE cutting materials is the first choice for hard turning components with continuous to heavily interrupted cuts.

CeramTec’s IKS-PRO-Mini tool system was specifically designed for chuck parts with small to medium-sized dimensions. It is based on CeramTec’s proven IKS-PRO system. The consistent, ongoing development and adjustment of the notch and clamping element geometry has resulted in a clamping system that ideally fulfills the special requirements of hard turning.
  • External machining
  • Internal machining
  • CMS tool change system
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