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CHIRON Werke Blog

CHIRON MillTurn - Double productivity by simultaneous milling and turning

April 2016
Author: cm_chiron-werke
Company: CHIRON Werke GmbH & Co. KG
CHIRON MillTurn - Double productivity by simultaneous milling and turning

At CHIRON, MT stands for „MillTurn“ and offers twice the productivity in the smallest space. Whether medical, precision technology, aerospace, mechanical engineering or automotive – the MT’s high-quality, precision machining shortens processing times, produces excellent surfaces and compresses your manufacturing process while saving considerable resources. The CHIRON Mill TURN technology allows simultaneous milling and turning operations for complex work pieces. These machines are characterized by a compact design, and are ideally suited for the complete machining of bar material - unbeatable when it comes to short lead times and high retooling.

The modular assembly of the FZ08 MT and FZ12 MT with swivel head, turning  spindle, tool revolver and optional opposed spindle enables customer-specific configuration of the machining centres and their use in many fields.

Giving you the edge - accurate, efficient, flexible
  • Simultaneous turning and milling in a single machine
  • High productivity through parallel processing functions
  • Fully-fl edged rotation function by turning spindle (up to 8,000 rpm / IT6)
  • Rotary turret with up to 12 driven tools (Capto C4)
  • Shorten the processing time by 6-sided complete machining
  • High autonomy due to machining from bar
  • Counter spindle for reverse-turning and 5-axis simultaneous milling
  • Direct measuring system in all (up to 10) axes
  • Highly dynamic linear motors in ZR-and V-axis
  • Automatic tool change (main spindle) in the pick-up method
  • Mineral cast machine bed, and high cutting precision
  • Integrated precast removal (slide, drawer)
  • Compact footprint (2,210 mm B x T 3,510 mm)
  • Tool construction „Designed and Made in Germany"


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