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Groundbreaking ceremony for new production plant in Taicang – CHIRON Group on expansion course

Taicang. With the groundbreaking ceremony for its new plant in Taicang, the CHIRON Group is emphasising its commitment to China, relying on an expanded, localized machine program and the growth of service capacity. "China is an important growth market for us. We see great potential here, especially in the automotive and medical technology sectors, but also in the aviation industry. In this respect, the new plant is a significant investment in the future," says Dr. Markus Flik, CEO of the CHIRON Group.


Market analyses show that car sales in China will continue to rise until 2025. In addition, China will be the market with the largest number of battery-powered vehicles, creating sales opportunities for the machine tools that produce these drive train systems. Overall, this results in good sales opportunities for the companies of the CHIRON Group with their excellent positioning in the automotive industry.


China is also an important market due to demographic trends. The need for surgical instruments and implants is growing rapidly – and thus also the need for machine tools on which they can be produced. "Customers in the medical sector place particularly high demands on the productivity and quality of the manufactured parts that our high-precision machines meet perfectly," says Dr. Achim Degner, CFO of the CHIRON Group, during the press conference.


By 2019, CHIRON will have invested considerably more than € 10 million in the new plant, which will be built on a 36,000 square-meter site. The construction will be carried out in two phases. The first phase includes the new building of around 14,000 square meters, with 190 employees responsible for the planned increase in production and business expansion. In the second phase, the projected total size can be realized if required. "In China, the demand for machines and services from CHIRON, STAMA and SCHERER has developed so positively that we have reached our capacity limits. The new plant gives us the opportunity to continuously expand our portfolio and services for the Chinese market, for example with our TURNKEY solutions," explains Ren Jiaping, CEO of CHIRON China.


TURNKEY is the name for customized, turnkey and cost-effective CNC machining solutions. The CHIRON Group companies plan the entire manufacturing process and show how components can be produced faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively based on customer requirements.


In China too, the CHIRON Group goes beyond merely providing high-quality CNC machine tools by offering manufacturing companies advice, training and support. The new plant in Taicang will make a decisive contribution to implementing this corporate strategy on a larger scale in China.


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