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CHIRON Group News

Performance up, costs down: Optimum overall equipment effectiveness with the new SmartServices

  • Digital services based on the SmartLine software systems
  • Customized solutions for the entire lifecyle of a machine

New service packages for higher productivity and optimum machine availability
The software solutions of the SmartLine range create the conditions for the targeted analysis of information from machining centers and thereby detect concrete potential for improvement in the production environment. That is where the new SmartServices, which form part of the new LifetimeSolutions service concept, come in. They are based on existing IT systems and enable targeted services for improved overall equipment effectiveness. Like all services in the new service concept, the SmartServices take their cues from the different phases of machine and plant lifecycles: Starting, producing and modernizing. The three packages of the SmartServices are modular, can be adjusted to individual customer requirements and aim to achieve increased productivity, optimum machine availability, greater flexibility and the best possible quality for machined workpieces.

Cost-efficient service deployments to quickly resume production
The EfficiencyServices, which are based on the RemoteLine diagnosis tool, are used as part of a reactive maintenance strategy. If vibrations or surface problems are detected in production, for example, a CHIRON Group service manager can initially analyze the machine data via remote diagnosis, make specific measurements and identify the cause of the problem. Ideally, this makes it possible to eliminate the fault. If technicians are additionally required on-site, they arrive well prepared thanks to the previous remote analyses. This makes the deployment faster and more cost-efficient for customers. In short, remote access provides the basis for resuming production more quickly and therefore saves both time and money. The defined reaction times for the EfficiencyServices also result in greater planning reliability. For greater flexibility, customers can choose between different contract models which differ in terms of scope and term.

Proactive planning based on current status
ConditionLine, another module from the CHIRON Group SmartLine range, lends its name to the ConditionServices. This software cyclically records machine status data, for example axis or spindle data, which is then comprehensively analyzed by the company group's machine manufacturer. The service team can detect anomalies and identify problems in advance based on this information. The preventive service package makes it possible to reliably plan and dynamically adapt maintenance at any time. In the long term, the ConditionServices guarantee a high level of availability for the machining centers.

Increasing overall equipment effectiveness
With the third service package, ProductivityServices, a service manager analyzes the complete machining process and adjoining areas, such as hardware and software or automation, together with the customer. Unused potential is identified and options for improvement illustrated. All SmartLine modules can be used for both analysis and the individual solution approaches. If action is required in the production process, for example, non-productive times can first be reduced by adjusting the NC program. During ongoing operation, the new module CutLine of the SmartLine portfolio then optimizes the feed speed in real time. All in all, the combination of different measures reduces the workpiece cycle time and increases the overall equipment effectiveness of the machine.

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