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CHIRON Group News

SMARTLINE I A digital building block

When talking with SPEEDfactor, Pascal Schröder, expert for the SmartLine-Building Block of the CHIRON Group, reported on the challenges of integrating the SmartLine-Module in the customer processes.

Mr. Schröder, how have the customers of the CHIRON Group so far accepted the SmartLine-Program?

Positive! The demand is high. For example: DataLine is currently the fastest growing option in the portfolio of the CHIRON Group. That clearly indicates that we are well on track with the context “Digitalization“.

Many companies are extremely skeptical in terms of cloud applications. How do you face this challenge?

We take these reservations seriously and have dealt with them in a comprehensive manner. The modular SmartLine-Building Block therefore also offers solutions and services for the companies who do not want to link their machines to the Internet. In other words: the data remain in-house and our customer alone decides who will see them and who will be able to work with them.

The progressive digitalization of production, in addition to the topic Cloud, is certainly another challenge?

It certainly is! Harmonized and standardized data interfaces will become ever more important. Currently, a very heterogeneous environment complicates the integration of machines into MES or ERP Systems, for example. Therefore, CHIRON has joined a VDW-initiative for networked production along with seven other machine tool manufacturers. The objective is to enable a standardized connection of different machines and controls to such systems.

What is next on the agenda for the SmartLine-Program in 2018?

In addition to the already mentioned DataLine, the modules ProcessLine and RemoteLine are also currently available. In 2018, we continue to expand the SmartLine-Building Block. For example, we will introduce modules for automatic condition monitoring of our machines. A new cell control system is also almost ready for the market. Our customers will have something to look forward to!

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