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Clip-Line Schlauchtechnik


Clip-Line Schlauchtechnik GmbH
Wielandstraße 2
45896 Gelsenkirchen
+49 (0)209 6000260
+49 (0)209 6000550

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About us

in more than 620 different types and almost all in diameters from DN 48 mm(2") to DN 5080 mm (200").

We are usually ready to deliver within 3 to 6 working days ex work, in spite of the wide range of types; because ... using an original type of composition method, suitable materials

made of plastic + metal and non-woven materials,
woven materials made by synthetic fibres, glass fibres, metal or ceramic fibres
often coated with rubber, polymers or minerals,

in a clip (=clamping) method are joined to each other in such a way that the required properties and safety values of a hose (or bellow expansion joints or expansion bellows) can be achieved in a way which is technically reliable, environment-friendly and reasonably priced.
For a faster price comparison, the prices per metre of a DN 100 mm (4") hose are also given to enable you to select a hose with the required properties at the lowest price.
" A hose is only as good as the way it can be coupled". This i s why we are offering a very simple CLIP-GRIP system which is reliable in assembly.
Once we know exactly what it is you require, we can perhaps find a type which is even cheaper than the one you have selected and has all the properties you need - and none t han you don´t.
We advise you in this.
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