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CNC-STEP Products

We bring precision to the point.

Rotating tables

Rotation Axis RounDINO 120

With this rotation axis we sticked to our motto: Stability and precision as well as high quality of units for all component groups. Sticking to this motto we are delighted to present our rotation table / rotation axis, which is certainly looking for similar ones in this price class. Details:


Highest quality made in Germany with high-precision worm-gear and a stopping moment of over 20Nm
Consequently 3D 360° are possible with almost all materials.
This means for our High-Z users: milling in plastics, timber, Aluminium or even brass, engraving of all kinds.
Because of its exisitng 7mm drill-hole, the rotation table can be clamped horizontally as well as vertically. Operation of great ease is therefore asured.
  • Rotary axis
  • Top view rotation axis
  • siede view rotation axis
  • Top view rotation axis
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