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About us

by Gardner Denver


CompAir Drucklufttechnik Gardner Denver Deutschland GmbH
Argenthaler Straße 11
55469 Simmern
+49 (0) 67618320
+49 (0) 6761832409

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About CompAir

CompAir is a leading global supplier providing best performance compressed air solutions for a broad range of applications. With an extensive network of dedicated sales companies and distributors across all continents, CompAir offers global expertise with truly local service capability, ensuring the advanced technologies are backed up with full support.

CompAir's breakthrough technologies, such as Quantima, are helping compressed air users achieve sustainability targets, with energy efficient and oil-free compressors offering lower environmental impact.

For a complete range of world-class rotary screw, reciprocating, centrifugal and portable compressors as well as compressed air treatment and accessories, CompAir has the innovative answer to industry's compressed air demand.
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