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COSCOM Products
COSCOM Computer GmbH

DNC-Hardware Lösungen - IPCs

Industrial-grade, reliable industrial PCs and hardware concepts
-Highest reliability, robust and reliable
-Industry standard, various protection classes up to IP 69 K
-Made in Germany - highest quality

Transfer and visualize - always the right hardware

The modular software concept of the COSCOM DNC solution as well as the COSCOM manufacturing information system includes hardware components that can be used in various combinations. Essentially, the connection of the machine, the task to be and network equipment used is decisive for the choice of the hardware.

The COM server

The COM server handles the connection between the machine control (serial) port and your network (LAN). The COM server can transmit the DNC data of course also wirelessly via W-LAN. This has clear advantages especially in the manufacturing, as are the machines can be networked, without that cable has to be laid. The COM server is positioned directly on the machine or on the control unit. In this way, it is ensured that the serial data cable between the COM server and machine or control can be kept as short as possible. To avoid data loss or performance limitations.

Industrial PC - additional information on the machine

Industrial PCs (IPCs) be used, if you want to visualize information on the machine. The COSCOM manufacturing information system is matched to the input via touch screen ideally, that distinguishes a keyboardless IPC solution. You can equip COSCOM IPCs with up to three serial interfaces. So, it can be connected to a device up to three machines. Also here you should make sure that the IPC is as close as possible positioned on the machine to avoid long lines and thus errors.
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