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Service Spectrum: Represented in 7 categories

Software and Hardware
Software for product development
CAD software
Software for machines
Software for CNC controls
Software for NC simulations
Software for manufacturing
Software for order processing (ERP)
CAM software
Controls & electronic equipment
Control and drive systems
CNC for other machines
Programming systems for CNC

About us

Our roots go back to the company VEB Steremat, which belonged to the state combine Elektroapparate Werke (EAW) in the former GDR (German Democratic Republic). This conglomerate of companies developed and produced erosion machines, while Steremat wrote the appropriate NC-software. Accordingly, all the licences for these programmes were owned by VEB Steremat. This all changed after the German reunification, when all the NC software copyrights for drilling/milling, eroding, turning, grinding and stamping/nibbling were acquired by DCAM Gmbh for a total of 116000 DM (Deutsche Mark). This is how the foundation for our company was laid, which was officially founded shortly thereafter and then became contractually capable on the 2nd of May 1990.

At this point we had three managing directors, each of whom owned 25% of the company: Mr. Falk Berthold, Mr Jürgen Ludwig and Mr. Eckehard Müller. The remaining 25% were in the possession of Mr. Oswald Wagner. He was both the chief developer for DCAM as well as the managing director of NC-Soft Wagner. That company provided the first CAD-system that was working in combination with our product DCAMCUT.

After several years of cooperation , the two companies split in 1994, with NC-Soft acquiring all licenses for drilling/milling, turning, grinding and stamping/nibbling. This development caused DCAM Gmbh to exclusively focus on eroding techniques. From hereon, further cooperations with various companies and their respective CAD-systems ensued. At this present moment the programme DCAMCUT is available for two CAD-systems: “Inventor” (by Autodesk) and “SOLIDWORKS” (by Dassault Systems).

In order to be prepared for the future and to ensure an ever more solid footing for the company, DCAM started to actively look for a strategic partner from 2007 onwards. Shortly thereafter a cooperation agreement was secured with Tebis AG from Martinsried near Munich, a renowned company in the CAD/CAM sector. We have now been a full subsidiary of this company since 2009 and enjoy the very efficient and professional partnership. Together we march strongly and motivated into the future, jointly developing our products, and always in our customers interest.

From the 1st of January 2012 onwards, Mr. Jens Franke has successfully taken over the operating business of DCAM GmbH, while Mr. Adrian Fritsche is representing Tebis AG in the executive management. DCAM GmbH is flourishing. We are more successful than ever and now sell our software with the help of our distribution partners internationally as well. That is why we have high expectations for our future and we work hard to fulfil these plans by continuously improving our company day by day. This is the only way we can live up to one of our most basic and important premise:

We provide our customers with cutting edge software of the highest level.
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