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Close-up experience of forward-looking machining

DMG / MORI SEIKI presents innovative machining technologies on state-of-the-art machine tools at one-day roadshows

For the fifth year running, DMG / MORI SEIKI is organising one-day technology seminars on the subject of innovative machining topics within the scope of roadshows. In 2013 the machine tool manufacturer is visiting Europe, Asia and (for the first time) the USA. The itinerary consists of an integrated combination of theory and practice, ranging from milling and turrning to the ever-expanding aerospace industry and machine-related workshops. Here the focus will be on the NLX model series, the eVo model series and the CTX and SPRINT lathes. The Roadshows are rounded off by live demonstrations on the machinery, and also specialist talks from a wide range of competence partners. The benefits to the visitors are obvious. They can find out about the latest state of technology in a single day.

Milling and turning roadshow

Complete machining using milling and turning technology established itself as one of the most productive forms of machining a long time ago. DMG / MORI SEIKI is bringing this future topic directly to its customers with its own roadshow. Whereas live demonstrations on a DMU 65 FD monoBLOCK® show reduced machining times, products that perform key functions in milling and turning machining are introduced by competence partners in specialist talks. Here, SIEMENS PLM and SIEMENS concentrate on programming using NX CAM and the SINUMERIK 840D solutionline as a sophisticated controller solution with SINUMERIK MDynamics, a milling technology package for top quality finishes with maximum productivity. HORN and LMT supplement the product range with their integrated and modern tool solution expertise.

Six dates still remain in the schedule for the milling and turning roadshow until the end of the year. The event locations are Gothenburg, Le Locle, Ohio and South Windsor in Connecticut.

NLX Roadshow

The machine-related NLX roadshow is all about complete machining using cutting technology. The core issue here is an NLX2500, which is a trendsetter in the cutting area thanks to its main spindle and counter spindle, Y-axis and integrated drive motor. Among other things, DMG / MORI SEIKI demonstrates gearing milling with the hobbing function, inclined drilling, eccentric drilling and milling on this machine using macros that have been developed in-house. Tool manufacturer HORN provides insights into inner groove broaching and hexagon, among other things. As a second tool manufacturer, WALTER talks about modern cutting materials and coatings for cutting and milling tools. WTO rounds off the range of experts with its experience in the area of stationary and powered tool holders.

The NLX Roadshow starts in May in Geretsried and Hamburg. The next stops are in Bielefeld, Neukirchen and Wernau.

eVo Roadshow

The eVo Roadshow is all about dynamic 5-axis machining on a DMU 40 eVo linear. Visitors can convince themselves of the performance capability of the swivel rotary table and the linear drives on site. The roadshow also deals with time-saving CAM programming using hyperMILL® from OPEN MIND, and the efficient and precise Haidenhain iTNC 530 path controller. Within the scope of the event, SANDVIK presents newly developed drilling and milling tools that make machining processes more productive and safer at the same time, and HAIMER demonstrates precision tool clamping technology and its high-precision shrink and balancing technology live on site.

DMG / MORI SEIKI is visiting interested parties in Shanghai, Guandong, Taiwan, Boston and Los Angeles with the eVo roadshow.

CTX & SPRINT Roadshow

Visitors to the CTX & SPRINT Roadshow can familiarise with the latest generation of productive lathes at a two-day event. On day one the main focus is on a CTX beta 800 4A with integrated handling. Two DirectDrive VDI Revolvers, the TRIFIX precision quick-change interface and a SINUMERIK 840D with ShopTurn 3G make economical complete machining possible. A SPRINT 50-3T is the highlight of day two of the roadshow. With three Revolvers and a B-axis with torque drive, it also provides productive complete machining – 6-sided and with negative angles. As well as controller manufacturer SIEMENS, HORN and WALTER are also accompanying the Roadshow as tool experts, plus SMW Autobloc with its clamping technology know-how.

The dates of the CTX & SPRINT Roadshow are from June to December in Bielefeld, Leonberg, Jekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Aerospace Roadshow

One of the biggest challenges in aerospace technology is the machining of demanding materials such as titanium. The Aerospace Roadshow shows how users can meet these demands in the best possible way on the example of a DMU 85 FD monoBLOCK® and a NLX4000AY. DMG / MORI SEIKI is demonstrating productive and flexible milling and cutting solutions in this area that provide economical and quality-oriented manufacturing in the aerospace industry. HAIMER, the leading system provider for µ-precision tool clamping with inductive shrink and high-precision balancing technology, is on board as a partner to the Aerospace Roadshow, as is MT Marchetti as a provider of stationary and powered tools. SANDVIK presents highly-productive milling solutions on the basis of the Cormorant product range, whereas SIEMENS and SIEMENS PLM round off the itinerary with talks about the controller and the NX CAD / NX CAM Software.

The Aerospace Roadshow will be stopping off in Poland, Northern Germany and France from October onwards.


Live demonstrations on a DMU 65 FD monoBLOCK® show innovative
cutting technologies during the milling and turning roadshow.


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