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DMU eVo modular options for even more flexibility

DECKEL MAHO has extended the optional equipment of the popular eVo universal machining centres with some innovative features.


Dynamic packages, mill-turn version and integrated pallet changer – the models in the eVo series from DECKEL MAHO Seebach have always been ideally suited for the very individual requirements of the respective target branches. The machine tool manufacturer will be presenting the entire DMU eVo series at the Open House in Pfronten, a series that continues in the footsteps of this tradition: exhibits will include a DMU 40 eVo linear with pallet changer and mill-turn technology, a DMU 60 linear with heavy-duty machining spindle, a DMU80 eVo linear with pallet changer and a DMU 100 linear with milling-turning technology.


The smallest eVo model with an extensive range of functions


5-axis and 5-sided simultaneous milling combined with mill-turn in a single setup is synonymous with maximum productivity and sophisticated production. With this range of functions the DMU 40 eVo linear has quite evidently proven its value since it was launched on the market, as a multitude of satisfied customers can attest. DECKEL MAHO Seebach is now offering a new configuration with an integrated pallet changer also for the smallest model in the series. Setup parallel to machining and short pallet changing times of 12 seconds will ensure additional gains in productivity.


As the smallest model in the series the DMU 40 eVo linear with pallet changer  stands up to any comparison. The work area is optimally used in order to accommodate pallets measuring 400 x 400 mm that can handle loads of up to 250 kg. Its travel ranges of 400 x 400 x 375 mm enable maximum machining diversity. The design of the integrated pallet changer also has an invaluable advantage with regard to the production area of the user: Standing at 6.7 m², its footprint is a mere 1.3 m² larger than that of the DMU 40 eVo linear without a pallet changer.


Heavy-duty machining on the DMU 60 eVo and DMU 100 eVo


As of now DECKEL MAHO is offering the successful DMU 60 eVo linear in a configuration with a heavy-duty machining spindle. With a torque of 200 Nm and a speed of 10,000 rpm it is ideally suited for powerful and productive machining with high chip removal volumes. Its swivel-rotary table for 5-axis simultaneous machining can handle workpieces weighing up to 400 kg and with dimensions up to 600 x 500 x 500 mm. The impressive performance data of the dynamic version have been retained: the DMU 60 eVo linear achieves rapid traverses up to 80 m/min and accelerations of 10 m/s². Like all eVo universal machining centres, this outstanding performance is based on a revolutionary machine concept designed for maximum rigidity and accuracy with a footprint of just 6 m².  A tool magazine with 30 pockets and direct measuring systems are also part of the standard version.


Another highlight at the Open House in Pfronten is the DMU 100 eVo linear equipped with mill-turn technology. This largest model in the series is already successfully established on the market and is now available with a powerful 200 Nm spindle for heavy-duty machining. The potential chip removal volumes of the DMU 100 eVo linear are enormous: the spacious working area of the machine has enough space to handle workpieces with diameters of 1,000 mm and heights of 800 mm. The maximum loading capacity of its table is 1,000 kg. In view of the large workpiece dimensions the footprint of even the largest eVo machine is a convincing factor: all this machine requires is 11.2 m².

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