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ECOLINE - High-tech at an attractive price

Maximum productivity in the entry level class – the completely re-designed machine program from ECOLINE convinces across the board.

The ability to compete in the metal-cutting industry depends to a large extent on the performance and versatility of the lathes or milling machines used. The ECOLINE series with its state-of-the-art machine tools is the solution here, for both demanding as well as price-conscious customers. The entry level models from DMG  / MORI SEIKI include the CTX 310 ecoline and the CTX 510 ecoline for turning applications. Where milling is concerned the portfolio includes the 5-axis DMU 50 ecoline as well as the DMC 635 V ecoline and the DMC 1035 V ecoline vertical milling centers. The highly productive MILLTAP 700 compact machining center rounds off the product program.

With its latest ECOLINE generation, DMG / MORI SEIKI demonstrates impressively that even attractively priced machine tools can score with technological innovations and maximum user-friendliness. The completely overhauled design of the popular entry-level machines has been optimized in such way that every user can achieve maximum productivity in day-to-day machining.

The improvements in design are strikingly obvious: scratch-resistant surfaces that are easy to care for offer long-term protection against wear. The safety glass windows that are now 35 % bigger ensure an optimum view of the work area, which is perfectly illuminated thanks to the futuristic PLANONlight. In addition the new ECOLINE design includes sophisticated technological features that put it in a class of its own in this price category.

The PROGRESSline, for example, that is integrated in the wall of the machine and allows the operator to see the remaining running time of each workpiece and the quantities of the machining job, is an absolute first in machine tool engineering. The operator can see the status of the machine by the clearly visible LED signal lamp. The LIGHTline integrated within the housing is one of the brand-specific elements of the ECOLINE machines.


Maximum turning performance with ECOLINE

As far as chipping technologies are concerned, ECOLINE stands for the best price on the international market in both turning and milling – this is truer than ever for this latest series in particular. The machines in the CTX ecoline series are the best proof of this in turning applications. The highly-dynamic spindle drive with up to 16.5 kW in the case of the CTX 310 ecoline (CTX 510 ecoline: 33 kW), a fast VDI-30 servo turret (CTX 510 ecoline: VDI 40) with synchronous motor – the rapid traverse speed is 30 m/min – and 12 tool stations (also with powered tools) and the automatic travelling tailstock for top machining flexibility all tell their own story. Digital drives and linear guides boost dynamics even further and guarantee maximum precision.

The generous bar capacity means the machining spectrum of both CTX ecoline machines is enormous: 51 mm for the smaller model in its standard version and 65 mm as an option. The CTX 510 ecoline even boasts a bar capacity of 76 and 90 mm respectively. The swing diameter for chuck parts is 330 and 680 mm respectively. The smaller model has a turning diameter of 200 mm and the larger one 465 mm. As regards travel distances, the CTX 310 ecoline achieves 450 mm and the CTX 510 ecoline 1,050 mm. Additionally, the latter now is available with a Y-axis. Looking at the controls with this generation, ECOLINE customers have the fastest control systems at their disposal. The DMG SLIMline® panel with 15” display is equipped with either the SIEMENS 840D solutionline or the HEIDENHAIN CNC Pilot 620. Alternatively MAPPS IV from MORI SEIKI is also available with a 10.4” display. This variety of controls is also a unique selling point in the entry-level class.


Productive vertical milling and universal 5-sided machining

It is not only for turning applications that the ECOLINE offers attractive solutions for efficient and flexible manufacture but in the milling sector as well. The two DMC V ecoline machines have long been outstanding bestsellers. In their newly designed version the vertical milling centers have been opti-mized to achieve an even better surface quality with the inclusion of a 12,000 rpm spindle (8.4 kW / 57 Nm) in addition to the 8,000 rpm standard spindles (13 kW / 83 Nm). The rapid traverses have also been increased to 30 m/min thanks to the use of more powerful feed motors. Large tool magazines – 20 positions in the standard version and 30 as an option – allow more flexibility in manufacturing. The spaciously dimensioned travel paths also leave ample scope for a multitude of machining possibilities:  the DMC 635 V ecoline offers 635, 510 and 460 mm in the X, Y and Z-directions respectively and the DMC 1035 V ecoline 1,035, 560 and 510 mm.

Since 2010, DMG  /  MORI SEIKI has also expanded the ECOLINE milling program to include the DMU 50 ecoline, a universal genius with NC swivel rotary table (swivel range: –5 ° / +110 °) for 5-sided machining of parts ranging from the very simple to the highly complex. The table has a loading capacity of 200 kg and is equipped with digital drives allowing top precision machining even under difficult chipping conditions. This feature is particularly noticeable in the accurate shape and position tolerances of opposing bore holes. The direct measuring system and centrally lubricated re-circulating roller guides ensure a high degree of long-term accuracy in this respect.

The user can achieve optimum milling results with the 10,000 rpm spindle, which is also available here, and the high rapid traverse speeds of up to 24 m/min. Reduced set up times are also guaranteed with the DMU 50 ecoline thanks to its tool changer that has space for a maximum of 30 tools (16 in the standard version). With travel paths of 500, 450 and 400 mm (X / Y / Z) this universal machining center is ideally suited for a wide range of small to medium-sized workpieces.

The variety of controls already mentioned also applies to the milling machines in the ECOLINE series. The user can choose here between the SIEMENS 840D solutionline and the HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 with plain text dialog. Both are integrated in the proven DMG SLIMline® panel and offer, in addition to ample memory space, user-friendly operation so that programming is quick and easy and ensures short idle times. MAPPS IV from MORI SEIKI with a 10.4“ display is also available for the DMC V ecoline models.


Fast and consistently accurate machining with the MILLTAP 700

Another highlight in the ECOLINE range is the MILLTAP 700. The first joint DMG / MORI SEIKI development takes its place in the market of highly productive compact machining centers. The core of the machine is a patented 25-pocket tool changer that can achieve chip-to-chip times of less than 1.5 seconds. The actual changeover time is in fact only 0.9 seconds. Dynamics and speed are also reflected in the axes: rapid traverses of 60 m/min and an acceleration of 16 m/s² are the norm here. With its highly dynamic spindle with a maximum torque of 45 Nm, a speed of 10,000 rpm (24,000 rpm optional) and a spindle drive of max. 25 kW, the MILLTAP 700 is absolutely top of the range. Unique in this segment: the MILLTAP 700 can be equipped optionally with direct travel measuring systems, which ensure best repeatability and consistent precision.

The design of the MILLTAP 700 is geared towards reducing production costs. This is reflected in its low procurement price, low maintenance and repair susceptibility as well as the use of only a few wearing parts. The practical chip disposal via a removable chip tray on the front of the MILLTAP 700 also plays its part in reducing production costs, as it enables chip disposal parallel to machining. It also has an optional chip conveyor that removes the chips either to the front or to the rear of the machine. However, users not only benefit from this flexibly mountable chip conveyor, but also from the overall small footprint of the MILLTAP 700. The compact machining center makes full use of its strengths, particularly for large quantities and in tight production spaces.

Where the control of the MILLTAP 700 is concerned, DMG / MORI SEIKI have opted for a SIEMENS 840D solutionline Operate with a 10.4” monitor. This guarantees simple and efficient programming with a high level of contour accuracy. The JobShop and SINUMERIK MDynamics programming systems are also available as an option, enabling a convincing variety of graphic programs and top quality 3D machining.

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