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Fast rapid traverse speeds are the be-all and end-all in turning

Productive, flexible and easy to operate – these features of the ecoTurn series also apply to the ecoTurn 310, ecoTurn 510, ecoTurn 650 CNC turning machines. These all-rounders in turning are not only equipped with the fastest controls in the entry-level class, they also excel with fast servo turrets and rapid traverse speeds of 30m/min in X and Z-axis.

What you notice immediately when you see an ecoTurn CNC universal turning machine for the first time is the unique PROGRESSline and its modern design. The PROGRESSline shows at a glance the remaining run time and quantities of a machining job while the high-tech surface of the machine is scratchproof providing reliable protection against wear. The construction of the ecoTurn 310, the ecoTurn 510 and the ecoTurn 650 also meets the renowned DMG MORI standard. Examples of this include the use of high-tech digital drives and the highly stable linear guides in all axes that ensure optimum speed and dynamics as well as highly accurate machining results even for more complex machining tasks.

The new VDI30 / VDI40 / VDI50 servo turret with synchronous technology makes production even more efficient and more successful. The main axis is available as a C-axis and the tool changeover time between two tool stations (with the option of 12 driven tools) is just 0.4 seconds. The sturdy hydraulic clamp generates powerful locking forces and enables high loading capacity during the turning process.

What is more all the performance features mentioned above apply without restriction to all three ecoTurn models, which mainly differ in size and the size of the tool holders. The maximum turning diameter of the ecoTurn 310, for example, is ø 200 mm compared to ø 465 mm for the ecoTurn 510 and ø 600 mm for the ecoTurn 650. The latter also features an optional Y-axis ±60 mm for simple milling operations (available for ecoTurn 510).

Where travel paths are concerned the ecoTurn 310 achieves 182.5 mm in the X-direction and 455 mm in the Z-direction compared to 300 mm and
1,050 mm respectively for the larger machine as well as 415 mm and 1,150 mm with all three models of the new generation moving into position accurately with faster rapid traverse speeds of up to 30 m/min. Another feature that ensures processes are more productive are the powerful main spindle torque: 166.5 Nm in the case of the ecoTurn 310, 630 Nm for the ecoTurn 510 and 2,000 Nm for the ecoTurn 650.

The optimised cast iron beds of the ecoTurn series guarantee maximum rigidity and stability. In addition the 4-bearing main spindles provide high run-out accuracy and long service life.

Another feature that is far from a standard in the entry-level class is the automatic movable tailstock that has boosted the level of universality. Numerous options and option packages are additional proof of the enormous versatility of the ecoTurn series.


First Quality for your ECOLINE machines

With the First Quality ECOLINE presents maximum reliability thanks to use of robust components for 24 / 7 use in your production. 100 hours quality inspection including milling and turning before delivery of each machine and acceptance of new product developmentsby quality auditors after intensive field trials bring the highest reliability to the customer. Furthermore, now all ECOLINE machines are with extended warranty for components and services already in standard.



  • Dynamic servo turret* in VDI 30 / VDI 40 / VDI50 design with 12 tool stations (option: 12 driven tools) and highly stable hydraulic clamping.
    50 % reduced tool changeover time – tool changeover between two tool stations at 30° in just 0.4 sec.
  • Bar capacity for more flexibility:
    ecoTurn 310 - ø 51 / ø 65*
    ecoTurn 510 - ø 76 / ø 90*
    ecoTurn 650 - ø 102 / ø 110*
  • Rapid traverse up to 30 m/min (X / Z) for high productivity
  • Automatic movable tailstock for maximum machining flexibility
  • Digital drives and linear guides in all axes
  • Dynamic spindle drive and continuously variable speeds
    • ecoTurn 650 with water-cooled motor spindle and up to 2,000 Nm torque at 230 rpm, without gear support
  • 3D CNC control technology
    • DMG MORI SLIMline® (15” / Operate 4.5 on SIEMENS)
    • DMG MORI SLIMline® (15” / HEIDENHAIN CNC PILOT 640) (not available for ecoTurn 650)
  • Simple milling operations through moving Y-axis ±60 mm**
  • Modern design with
    • PROGRESSline – clear indication of remaining run time and quantities of a complete machining process
    • LIGHTline for emphasising the brand character
    • Larger safety glass windows for a better view
    • Planon LED plus for optimum work area illumination
    • SLIMline® with scratch-proof surface and clear design

* optional
** available for ecoTurn 510


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