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Integrated technologies and workpiece handling - CTX beta 1250 TC

CTX beta 1250 TC with WH-U TOP linear – efficient complete machining thanks to a TurnMill spindle, fast tool magazine and intelligent automation


The CTX series is offered as an intelligent modular building block system from which the customer can put together his own individual universal lathe. The options range from the single-spindle chuck machine equipped with a fast turret to complete machining with counter spindle and Y-axis and on to include turning-milling centres with an integrated TurnMill spindle to which the CTX beta 1250 TC belongs. The entry model of the CTX TC series will be presented at the Open House in Pfronten as an automated version with a WH-U TOP linear workpiece handling system.


One of the hot topics in the machining industry is the integrated combination of diverse technologies. And complete machining on turning-milling centres counts among the key disciplines here making the CTX beta 1250 TC just about the best the market has to offer. The most compact model in the series can machine turning parts with lengths up to 1,250 mm and maximum diameters of 390 mm. The generously dimensioned and clearly visible work area is part of the ergonomic design of the machine and offers users maximum operating comfort.


Workpiece handling increases productivity


Now available as a variant with an automation solution the CTX beta 1250 TC is guaranteed to increase productivity. DMG Automation GmbH has adapted the WH-U TOP linear workpiece handling system so it can be integrated on lathe. Available in two sizes this gantry can handle components weighing 50 or rather 100 kg respectively. The system includes an integrated workpiece magazine into which complete staking trolleys can be inserted. The effective surface of the individual workpiece holders measures 600 x 400 mm and the maximum stack height is 1100 mm. The two linear axes of the gantry excel with speeds of 1.5 m/s for the vertical Z-axis and 2.6 m/s for the horizontal Y-axis. The gantry accelerates at 5.0 m/s² in both directions and has a repeat accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm. Apart from the standard equipment of the workpiece handling system DMG Automation options also include the integration of secondary work such as deburring, cleaning and measuring operations.


The technical features of the CTX beta 1250 TC remain impressive even within the automation solution. The abbreviation TC here stands for the integrated disk magazine for 24 tools and fast tool changer. GILDEMEISTER also offers an optional chain magazine with space for 48 tools (HSK-A63 or Capto C6). There is a travelling column integrated in the CTX beta 1250 TC with a powerful TurnMill spindle and interpolating B-axis. This means that highly efficient turning operations and complex 5-axis simultaneous machining are both possible.


The CTX beta 1250 TC meets today’s high demands on precision not only thanks to its rigid construction but also due to direct measuring systems in the X, Y and Z-axes. Whereby the optional linear drive in the Z-axis also boosts both accuracy and the dynamics of the machine.


In view of the universal high-tech character of the new CTX series it goes without saying that the applications of the B-axis are also very easy to implement via the internal workshop-oriented programming systems of the control.


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