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Minimum unit costs thanks to productive automatic turning

DMG MORI has now expanded its series of automatic lathes equipped with a SWISSTYPEkit to include the SPRINT 32|5 and SPRINT 32|8 for bar material with diameters of up to 32 mm.

Their capability of machining both short and long components with an equal degree of excellency make the SPRINT models with SWISSTYPEkit the machines of choice in the DMG MORI range.The machine tool manufacturer will be debuting the SPRINT 32|5 and the SPRINT 32|8 as an expansion option with two additional axes at the EMO in Milan. With these new machines GILDEMEISTER Italiana has expanded its portfolio of automatic lathes to include an additional size for bar material with diameters up to 32 mm thus giving DMG MORI customers an even greater choice of manufacturing solutions for minimum cycle times.

Following in the footsteps of the smaller SPRINT 20|5, the SPRINT 32|5 and SPRINT 32|8, as versatile, top-performance automatic lathes, fit perfectly into the GILDEMEISTER Italiana product family. With a footprint of just 2.8 m² the two new models are the most compact machines in their class while at the same time offering a large work area for workpieces of up to ø 32 mm x 600 mm.

The two new SPRINT models derive their versatility from the proven SWISSTYPEkit, which enables both short and long turning on one machine – with setup times of less than 30 minutes. To achieve this the spindle stroke is lengthened from 100 to 240 mm. An optional quick tool-change system reduces setup times by another 20 percent.

The SPRINT 32|5 comes with 5 linear axes and a C-axis on the main spindle and has 2 independent tool carriers with space for up to 22 tools. There are 4 pockets available for powered tools for radial machining on the main spindle.

The expansion option SPRINT 32|8 is ideally suited for the machining of more complex workpieces. The machine has an additional Y-axis for the 2nd tool carrier plus a C-axis for the counter-spindle.The SPRINT 32|8 is equipped with a total of 6 linear axes and 2 C-axes and has 28 tool pockets.This expansion option of the machine has a 3rd independent tool carrier that is suitable for deep hole drilling on the main spindle, for example, and that also enables 4-axis machining on the main spindle.These two stations can also be equipped optionally for powered tools.The 2nd tool carrier has 8 pockets for rear-side machining, 4 of which are equipped for powered tools.There are pockets for in total up to 10 (8 in the standard version) powered tools.

In the case of the SPRINT 32|5 the 2-channel CNC control – a FANUC 32i-B with 10.4" colour display – controls five linear axes altogether and the C-axis of the main spindle. The SPRINT 32|8 has six linear axes and a C-axis on both the main and the counter-spindle. So both expansion options can be used to realise highly-complex and - in combination with the machine technology - high-precision applications.

Both the new SPRINT machines also offer top quality where the spindles are concerned. Where other suppliers still cling to their belt drives,
GILDEMEISTER Italiana has installed high-performance motor spindles with direct drives throughout, which can handle even materials that are difficult to machine. There is a high-pressure coolant supply with up to 120 bar available for just such demanding high-performance machining.

As the SPRINT 32|5 and the additional SPRINT 32|8 expansion option have been developed with the aim of minimising unit costs for the machining of bar material, the list of optional equipment also includes an unloading unit for workpieces with lengths of up to 600 mm.


Highlights SPRINT 32|5 and SPRINT 32|8

  • Workpieces up to ø 32 × 600 mm on a footprint of less than 2.8 m²
  • Unloading unit for long workpieces up to 600 mm through the counter-spindle*
  • SWISSTYPEkit for short and long turning operations on a single machine, < 30 min setup time
  • 20% shorter setup times thanks to the quick tool-change system*
  • High-pressure coolant supply* up to 120 bar
  • FANUC 32i-B with 10.4" colour display

-    5 linear axes and 1 C-axis
-    22 tools on 2 independent tool carriers
-    4 powered tool pockets for the main spindle (radial)

-    6 linear axes and 2 C-axes
-    28 tools on 3 independent tool carriers for
    4-axis machining on the main spindle
-    4 powered tool pockets for the main spindle (radial)
-    2 stationary deep-hole drill tool pockets for the main spindle (frontal),
    powered as an option
-    4 powered tool pockets for the counter-spindle (frontal)



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