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New option for integral components and blades - DMF series

This is already the second generation of successful travelling column machines that DMG / MORI SEIKI has developed for the machining of long components. Whereby this latest design not only reflects the innovative character of the DMF series externally,  the complete machine concept has in fact also been optimized in such a way that ensures both optimum utilization of the work area as well as maximum flexibility and productivity.  DMG / MORI SEIKI will present the DMF 260|7 version equipped with technology frame at the Open House in Pfronten.


The core elements of the DMF series are the highly stable machine bed with its vibration damping mineral cast construction and the thermo-symmetrical travelling column.


Integration of an NC rotary table and swivel milling head as a controlled B-axis enables efficient 5-axis machining with long travel ranges of at least 700 mm in the Y and Z-directions. The large exponents of the series achieve travel ranges of 1,100 mm in the Y-axis and 900 mm in the Z-axis. The DMF 180 has a travel range of 1,800 mm in the X-axis and the DMF 260 and DMF 360 offer 2,600 mm or 3,600 mm here respectively.


Thanks to a travelling magazine – with 30 tool pockets in the standard version and 60 or 120 as an option - chip-to-chip times have been reduced to less than eight seconds and it has been possible to increase the chip removal volumes by up to 15 percent. It is here that the potential for the manufacture of lightweight structural parts becomes particularly evident.


Rapid traverses of 40m/min in the standard versions have already proven just how efficient DMF machines are.  An optional dynamic package is now available in which the ball screw spindle drive in the X-axis has been replaced by a linear drive so that rapid traverse speeds of 80 m/min can be achieved in all axes. Chip-to-chip times are also reduced even further to less than six seconds.


The modular spindle options start with a standard 8,000-rpm milling spindle for high removal volumes. More powerful options that are available (also as B-axis) include the 14,000 or 18,000-rpm SK40/HSK A63 spindles and the 10,000-rpm SK50 / HSK-A100 spindles.


In the case of the two larger DMF 260 and DMF 360 machines the extensive option package includes not only the NC rotary table but also the possibility of installing two rotary tables. When combined with the working area partition wall this enables 5-axis pendulum machining with very short setup times. The  mill-turn table is another possible configuration: this expands the range of machining applications to include turning operations with speeds of up to 1,000 rpm.


At the Open House Pfronten DMG / MORI SEIKI will  present the DMF 260-7 travelling column machining centre as an example of yet another interesting working area configuration intended specially for the efficient machining of integral components and blades. Instead of the rigid table this model is equipped with two rotary tables facing each other between which the workpiece is clamped thus allowing simultaneous 5-axis machining over the entire length of the work area. Highlights of this variant include the large workpiece swing range with a diameter of 575 mm, the large distance between centres of 2,600 mm and excellent chip flow.

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