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Open and integrated for the entire shop floor

my DMG MORI / WERKBLiQ upgrade

The free “my DMG MORI” customer portal transforms outdated and manual work procedures into digital and fast service processes. The WERKBLiQ upgrade transforms every user into a service professional.

Open and integrated for the entire shop floor

  • Unique online portal for optimizing service processes
  • Service requests with the option of attaching photos or videos at the press of a button
  • Transparency thanks to the track & trace function
  • Storing of all commercial and technical documents
  • WERKBLiQ upgrade for the organization of all internal and external service processes

Maximum customer benefit is at the heart of the my DMG MORI digital customer portal, which was introduced at EMO 2019. The result is a unique and free online portal for interactive cooperation of DMG MORI and its customers. With an integrated upgrade option to WERKBLiQ, users are provided with an integrated solution for the internal and external optimization of service and maintenance processes – also for third-party machines. The launch of the my DMG MORI customer portal – it is currently available in the majority of European countries – exceeded even the wildest expectations. More than 4,000 customers had registered their machinery by the end of last year. We expect to have 20,000 registered customers by the end of this year. Almost all global markets should be covered by then.

Register, log in and get started: The simple and convenient use of my DMG MORI provides users with uncomplicated access to the numerous added values of the online portal. Amongst other things, service requests can be initiated via my DMG MORI at the press of a button. The interactive request form prevents any kind of misunderstanding during the process. Specific service requests and photos or videos, which can be optionally attached, are sent directly to the right DMG MORI service expert – which already puts users in the request fast lane. Meanwhile, the “track & trace” function ensures that all service processes and procedures are transparent. Moreover, all commercial and technical documents are stored in my DMG MORI.

my DMG MORI continues to develop steadily. DMG MORI plans to integrate a comment function into service requests that have been sent and to optimize the dialogue function with the service experts. Moreover, use cases such as mapping the entire offer process including confirmation are also being planned.

WERKBLiQ upgrade: Organization of all internal and external service processes for the entire fleet of machines

DMG MORI offers a simple upgrade to the service platform WERKBLiQ to customers who want to manage machines from other manufacturers in addition to their DMG MORI machines and also want to handle all their service matters themselves. The upgrade is performed with a simple click. The special feature here is that both systems have been developed according to the same logic, meaning operators don’t have any problem getting used to them. WERKBLiQ automatically includes all the customer’s DMG MORI machines but models from other manufacturers can also be managed at the same time. This optimizes all internal and external service and maintenance processes for an entire diverse fleet of machines. The corresponding account is configured by WERKBLiQ within 48 hours. Operators can be trained in just 15 minutes.

The upgrade activates a multitude of premium functions. For example, users can benefit from an internal ticket system, a freely configurable machine diary, and a maintenance calendar with a reminder function including interactive task lists. All master data such as machines, users or service reports are transferred over to WERKBLiQ automatically. The familiar functions from my DMG MORI are also automatically available in WERKBLiQ. WERKBLiQ also supports the customer during the process of digitally recording other machines and systems that are included in the account. Moreover, WERKBLiQ’s Customer Success Management provides comprehensive support to the customer during implementation and onboarding – including webinars, interactive first-step tours, help center articles and tutorials. This enables every user to quickly find their way around. To ensure more confidence while deciding, every my DMG MORI user can try out the complete scope of WERKBLiQ functions 30 days free of charge and without obligation.


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