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Optimum workpiece costs for every batch size

DMG MORI Systems demonstrates their automation competence showing the i 50 for highest productivity and precision as well as maximum reliability in multi-shift continuous operations

In the past few years DMG MORI Systems has developed to become a holistically-oriented supplier of sophisticated automation solutions. Its offer ranges from solution development to simulation and on to implementation of solutions for the customer. In addition to the machine integrated automations of the supply plants with their rotary or pallet storage systems, the portfolio also includes standard automation solutions for workpieces and pallet handling as well as turnkey projects with manufacturing cells and production lines.

“The customer’s production and assembly process is decisive for automated solutions," explains Silvio Krüger, Managing Director of DMG MORI Systems. “The challenge for our engineers and technicians is to understand the production system requirements and to provide the customer with an efficient production solution.” This is where DMG MORI Systems as a turnkey supplier comes in. Silvio Krüger names the required workpiece output, the technical availability of the entire system, a machining system that can be used variably and of course quality as influencing factors.

DMG MORI Systems benefits from DMG MORI’s many years of experience in automation solutions and its entire system competence in the achievement of these goals. With Wernau, Hüfingen in Germany and Nara in Japan DMG MORI Systems now has three lead locations within the International Group, in which the focus is on joint product development and project management.


i 50 in stealth design – high-productivity horizontal machining centre

In addition to the demand for highest productivity and precision as well as maximum reliability in multi-shift continuous operations, the space requirement is one of the most important factors in the decision-making process in the automotive industry. As a result, DMG MORI has developed the i 50, a horizontal machining centre with a revolutionary design concept for space-saving serial production tasks. 

With the i 50, DMG MORI presents an ultra-compact horizontal machining centre for the highly productive large-scale production of motor components such as cylinder blocks and heads in the automotive sector. Featuring a patented (registered) Z-axis kinematics of the spindle, the i 50 guarantees greatest stability with two angled guides positioned outside the chip disposal area. Vibrations during the process are minimized for high-precision machining and long tool lives.

The linear axes are positioned in the spindle area, which means minimal moving masses through X / Y / Z travel for the spindle. Together with lightweight moving parts, these design features allow for high-speed machining and high machine dynamics for short chip-to-chip times. Moreover, DMG MORI has positioned all feed drives outside the work area, meaning no temperature impact and unparalleled precision. All axes achieve the fastest rapid traverse rate in its class, 62 m/min, and the X- and Y-axis reach a maximum acceleration of 0.7 G. The Z-axis features a drilling and tapping cycle with a max. acceleration of 1 G. The spindle accelerates from zero to its maximum speed (12,000 rpm) in 1 second. The A-axis equipped with a DDM (direct drive motor) provides high-speed positioning, with a 90-degree positioning time of 2.5 seconds including clamping times.

By narrowing down target workpieces to cylinder heads as well as cylinder blocks and by employing no automatic pallet changer, the i 50 comes with a compact footprint of only 6,7 m² and a machine width of 1,680 mm. In order to allow end-users to create efficient mass production lines in the smallest space possible, the small width and low front height ensure multiple i 50 machines to be lined up with a pitch between machines of 2,090 mm for efficient gantry loader systems. As a result, the vertical and horizontal strokes of the loader is reduced for short workpiece transfer and cycle times.

The i 50 is available in three table versions with A-, B- and A+B-kinematics. The A-axis specification with a build-in DDM (direct drive motor) minimizes vibrations because there is no backlash ensuring highly efficient machining. The table size is 640 mm x 500 mm with a max. load capacity of 250 kg. With a swing diameter of 620 mm, workpieces with a width of up to 640 mm can be machined. The B-axis version comes with a table size of 500 mm x 500 mm and a max. load capacity of 400 kg. Workpiece width can be up to 700 mm with a max. swing diameter of 700 mm.

In terms of automation customers can choose from a range of automation options, such as workpiece transfer systems including roller conveyors and gantry loaders. The gantry loader’s short vertical stroke reduces cycle times and combined with machine’s compact footprint, the i 50 compact machining centres can be combined for highly-productive machining lines.


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