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Turning with precision and flexibility - NLX universal lathe series

Over 14,000 installations have made the universal lathes in the NL and NLX series the absolute best seller in the product portfolio of the Japanese tool machine manufacturer. At the Open House in Pfronten DMG / MORI SEIKI will be presenting four models that once again reflect the complete versatility, performance and capability of this successful series.  For the very first time the NLX2500Y/700 that is produced in Europe will be on show live in action as well as three other models that are now at long last also available in this country: the NLX1500Y/500, NLX2000SY/500 and NLX3000Y/700.


Universal machines rank as the backbone of production technology in the supply sector. Against this backdrop, the NLX series from DMG / MORI SEIKI excels firstly due to the exceptional performance and functionality of the machines and secondly because of their extremely high efficiency and attractive price. The sound basis for this powerful complete package lies in the sturdy design of the NLX which is optimised for the respective application and where the cooling system integrated in the machine bed further boosts its thermal properties.


Thanks to further enhancement of rigidity in all drivelines of the linear axes, the design of the machine bed and the slideways with their high damping properties the NLX series also achieves a 30% higher machine rigidity than previous models. In this respect the larger ball screw spindles are of particular importance, together with a larger bearing they increase the rigidity of the axes by up to 50%. In other words the ideal parameters for the turning process in which all the machines in the NLX series score with impressive performance values and innovative features. This applies most especially to the use of BMT® technology with the tool drive motor integrated in the turret and possible rapid traverses of up to 30 m/min.




In future DMG / MORI SEIKI will also be manufacturing the popular NLX2500Y/700 model of the successful NLX series in Europe, at GILDEMEISTER Italiana, so that customers here at home can benefit from shorter delivery times. A maximum turning diameter of 366 mm, a turning length of up to 705 mm plus travel paths of 260 and 795 mm in the X and Z directions all add up to make the NLX2500Y/700 a very versatile instrument in turning processes. In addition the main spindle with its speed of 4,000 rpm guarantees maximum performance and efficient production.




This entry-level model in the NLX series stands as an example for the new standard of CNC universal turning and is also available as of now on the European market. An extremely compact design and a high degree of rigidity are the outstanding features of the NLX1500Y/500. It achieves optimum manufacturing results with a repeatability accuracy of 10 µm. The chuck in this smallest model in the series measures 150 mm and it has a Y-axis travel of +/- 50 mm.




Another model that will be celebrating its European premiere is the versatile NLX2000SY/500. Equipped with two spindles and a Y-axis this lathe offers a multitude of different machining options. The size of the chuck on spindle 1 is 200 mm and 150 mm on spindle 2. The Y-axis has a travel path of +/- 50 mm. With a maximum turning length of 510 mm and an X-axis travel range of 260 mm the NLX2000SY/500 turns medium-sized workpieces. At 624 mm the travel path of headstock 2, the B-axis, is also generously dimensioned. Spindle speeds of 5,000 rpm on the first spindle and 6,000 rpm on the second one ensure efficient machining. The maximum speed of the driven tools is 10,000 rpm. Both the smaller NLX models can also be equipped with an optional 20-station turret.




This second largest model in the NLX series is now also available for European customers and is particularly suited to high-performance turning of large components. It has a chuck diameter of 300 mm and a maximum turning diameter of up to 430 mm. Its turning length is 713 mm. Travel paths of 280 and 820 mm in the X and Z directions plus a Y-axis range of +/- 60 mm provide plenty of scope for different machining options. The powerful spindle rotates at a speed of 3,000 rpm and the powered tools at a maximum speed of 10,000 rpm. The latter are also available in a high-torque version. The speed that can be achieved is then 4,000 rpm.


Premium class controls

It only remains to mention the controls. The NLX series puts its faith here in MAPPS IV technology. The CAM system from Esprit is also available as an option in addition to dialog programming. Apart from this the machines are equipped with MORI-NET that is included in the standard version, a function that allows remote maintenance and monitoring of the operating status. High-performance expansion options for spindles and turning tools are also part (among others) of the NLX modular building blocks.

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