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World premiere of the CTX with all the familiar equipment configurations

600 mm diameter, 2,000 mm turning length and an integrated spindle motor in the standard version – the CTX beta 2000 is a convincing addition to the successful CTX series from GILDEMEISTER


With its newly developed CTX beta 2000 the GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH will be setting a new standard with regard to model diversity at the Open House in Pfronten. Due to its travel path of up to 2,000 mm in the Z-direction and maximum turning diameter of 600 mm this world premiere in the CTX series is positioned between the smaller CTX beta 1250 and the large CTX gamma 2000. The successor model of the proven CTX 620 built in Graziano in Italy of course also benefits from the multitude of options in the modular building block concept of the CTX series. Start of production for the CTX beta 2000 is scheduled for April 2013.


A diverse range of models ensures customers can find the optimum machine solution for their production needs. With this in mind the new CTX beta 2000 is the ideal expansion to the existing GILDEMEISTER lathe portfolio. The newly designed model is regarded as the successor of the successful CTX 620 and has been enhanced in several decisive aspects. The improvements are clearly apparent in the work area, the main spindle and the turret. The turning diameter, for example, is now 600 mm for all equipment configurations and the turning length is 2,000 mm. The travel path in the X-axis is 415 mm while the optional Y-axis has a travel of +/- 75 mm. Chuck sizes of up to 500 mm are still available. Added to this is a bar capacity of 93 mm (optionally 102 mm) that enables the machining of bar materials with large diameters.


The impressive performance of the main spindle derives from a standard integrated spindle motor (ISM) with a maximum torque of 770 Nm that enables speeds of up to 4,000 rpm. The ISM102plus that is also available as an option offers a torque of 2.200 Nm. In this case the powerful machining takes place at a speed of up to 2,500 rpm. GILDEMEISTER offers the 12-pocket VDI50 turret of the CTX beta 2000 with an additional six block tool pockets in the standard version. A 16-pocket VDI40 turret is also available as an alternative as well as the low-wear DirectDrive technology.


The technical features of the CTX beta 2000 are based on a comprehensive and sophisticated machine concept that scores points through stability and ergonomic design. Sturdy roller guideways and the rigid machine bed both ensure high long-term accuracy. The latter is also built at a 45° angle, a technical feature that optimises chip flow and enables perfect access to the work area. This can be loaded with workpieces measuring 2,000 mm from the front and from above. The machine benefits from a total footprint of just 12.8 m², whereby its low height of 2,100 mm also adds to its compact dimensions. Instead of the roller guideways GILDEMEISTER also offers the option of a linear drive for the X-axis, which like the DirectDrive turret operates with even less wear and in addition improves the dynamics and positioning accuracy of the respective axes. Other features that contribute to the accuracy of the CTX beta 2000 include the standard linear scales in the x-axis and the integrated liquid-cooled spindle motors.


As a member of the extensive CTX family the CTX beta 2000 benefits from a multitude of other equipment options. The three different sized steady rests must be mentioned in this respect as well as the NC-controlled tailstock that is offered as an alternative to the hydraulic tailstock already included in the standard version. The choice of options continues on through to the control level as well: either a SIEMENS 840D solutionline with ShopTurn 3G or the Heidenhain Plus IT with TURN PLUS are integrated in the In DMG ERGOline® Control with its 19“-screen. In both cases software features such as 3D simulation and programming aids make programming directly on the machine much easier.

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