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CMX 1100 V (Reference-Nr. 051063)

Asking price

  • Reference number 051063
    Manufacture Year 2017
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Machining centres
  • Machining Centers (Vertical)
  • Fanuc

  • General
    Vertical Machining Centres; Control: Control F0iMF
    Table surface 1400 x 560 mm
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 3,19 x 2,76 x 2,94 (3,82 x 3,58 x 3,01) m
    Rapid feed X / Y / Z 36/36/30 m/min
    Movement X / Y / Z 1100/560/510 mm
    Spindle taper BT 40
    Tool Magazine with 60 Positions
    Drive power (25% DC) 15 kW
    Drive power (100% DC) 11 kW
    Speed max. 12000 rpm
    Maximum load (table centre) 1000 Kg
    Weight approx. 5500 Kg

  • Standard spindle 12,000 min-1, 15/ 11 kW Standard Spindle 12,000 min-1, 15/ 11 kW Spindle speed: 12,000 min-1 Output: 15/13/11 kW (20/17.33/15 HP) (25%ED/30min/cont) Torque: 119/70/57 Nm (87.76/51.62/42.04 ft·lbf) (25%ED/30min/cont)
    Spindle Taper 7/24 Taper #40/ Grip MAS Spindle Taper 7/24 Taper #40/ Grip MAS This specification uses the spindle No. 40 7/24 taper / Grip MAS tool holder. The grip type and retention knob type of ATC are specified separately.
    Retention Knob: Special (Center-Through) (7/24 Taper #40) Retention Knob: Special (Center-through) (7/24 Taper #40) The spindle collet applicable to the special (center-through) retention knob is installed. *Tool retention knob is not included. *The through-spindle coolant specification requires a dedicated r
    Interface for Workpiece seating detection (1 line) Interface for Workpiece Holding Detection (1 Circuit) For the workpiece holding detection interface, pneumatic 1 circuit 1 port are provided on the in-machine ceiling (right side). The panel is installed on the upper right of the machine front and the p
    Interface for Hydraulic fixture (hydraulic 2 circuits ) Interface for Hydraulic Fixture (Hydraulic 2 Circuits) For the fixture interface, hydraulic 2 circuit 4 ports are provided on the in- machine ceiling (right side). The hydraulic unit (made by NACHI) put on the oil pan with casters is placed at the rear
    Tool storage capacity 60 tools Tool Storage Capacity 60 Tools Chain-type magazine Tool capacity: 60 tools Technical random address type Max. tool diameter - With adjacent tools: f80 mm (dia.3.15 inch.) - Without adjacent tools: f125 mm (dia. 4.92 inch.) Max. tool length: 300 mm (11.
    Chip conveyor (left discharge, inner pan scraper type + drum filter) Chip Conveyor (Left Discharge, Inner Pan Scraper Type + Drum Filter) Install the chip conveyor on the front side of the machine. The discharge direction is left side. Chips accumulated on the inner pan in the conveyor are scraped up by the scraper and d
    (X)Through-spindle coolant system (unit on coolant tank) (center through, 1.5 MPa) Through-spindle coolant system (unit on coolant tank) (center through, 1.5 MPa)
    Coolant gun for machining side Coolant gun for machining side A coolant gun is equipped on the front side of the machine for cleaning chips accumulated inside the machine or adhering to the workpiece or the fixtures.
    Additional coolant system for tool tip Additional Coolant System for Tool Tip Two coolant nozzles are added to the rear side of the spindle. The orientation of the additional nozzles can be adjusted.
    Additional air blow for tool tip Additional Air Blow for Tool Tip One air blow nozzle is added to the right side of the spindle. The orientation of the additional nozzle can be adjusted.
    (X)Mist collector (AFS 600) Mist collector (AFS 600) Mist and tiny dust generated by machining are vacuumed and filtered. The filtered mist is returned back to coolant tank. The mist collector is installed onto E-box. Oil-based coolant is not available.
    In-machine measuring system (spindle, table) (RENISHAW) + W Setter (tool setter + workpiece setter) (tool length + diameter) In-machine Measuring System (Spindle + Table) (RENISHAW) + W Setter (Tool Setter + Workpiece Setter) (tool length + diameter) This specification is a set of Renishaw touch sensor spindle (OMP40) and table (OTS). Mounting the touch sensor on the spindle
    Signal lamp Buzzer (SK-OP) Signal Lamp Buzzer The operator is informed of the machining status with the buzzer according to the signal lamp indication. The signal lamp is not included. It is necessary to select the signal lamp separately. *The buzzer continues to sound when an A
    Right Side Shutter Right Side Shutter The shutter that moves along with vertical direction is attached. It is driven by pneumatic cylinder. - Shutter opening/closing time: 3.5 sec. - Shutter opening width: W 610 mm × H 774.5 mm (W 24.02 inch. × H 30.49 inch.) - Distance f
    EtherNetI/P I/F EtherNetI/P I/F This I/F is used for transferring control signals between the machine and peripheral equipment via Ethernet. This I/F can be connected to all peripheral equipment that has terminals corresponding to LAN cables. This specification also
    Interface for Robot (EtherNet/IP), Need to select EtherNet/IP Interface Robot I/F (EtherNet/IP), Separate EtherNet/IP I/F Required The interface signals for mounting robots are made available. The signals are exchanged with the robots using the EtherNet/IP communication protocol. The use of the robots allows the automatic
    Safety fence Interface (electric Interface) Safety fence Interface (electric Interface) It provids interface for the protective fence. It confirms the machinery status (machine door, side shutter etc.) and determines the behavior enable / disable according to the input of the interface for the fe
    [Robot system] Handling Package (work stocker) 20kg Handling Package (work stocker) 20kg It consists of a robot (M-710iC/70), robot hand, workstocker, temporary workpiece station, NG chute, fence, and MAPPS-R. The robot system attaches/detaches workpieces and discharges NG workpieces to the NG chute. Ha
    Manual pulse generator (separate type) Manual pulse generator (separate type) Adding handy type pulse handle improves operability during set-up operation. The switch on the operation panel can change which pulse handle is used on the operation panel or handheld side. Handheld pulse handle o
    Part program storage length 2 MB (5,120 m) in total + Registerable programs 1,000 in total (SK-OP) Part Program Storage Length 2 MB (5,120 m) in Total + Registerable Programs 1,000 in Total The storage capacity of CNC can be increased to 2 MB (5,120 m) to register up to 1,000 programs.
    Setting Unit mm Setting Unit, MM The unit to be used for the screen display and program commands is set to millimeter (mm). Turning: MM specification for the turret Horizontal machining center: MM specification for the tapped pallet
    Screen display German Screen display German Language on MAPPS Screen: German Language on MAPPS Warning Screen: German Language on NC Screen: German Language on PC Screen: German
    MACH-KoGaMe KGM12128-C Range 120x120x80 mm The MACH Ko-ga-me is a unique and compact CMM ideal for integration into in-line systems for automated measurements. Perfect for automated cells and stand-alone solutions, this compact metrology solution delive
    Special equipment - DDRT-200X (connected through table) - Rotary joint (6+1 Ports) for DDRT-200X - In-machine pipe parts - Fixture for Measuring package - Add proximity sensor for workpiece stocker (between loader arm in/out area and loading/unloading area)
    Please notice, for this machine you must have a transformer. Please notice, for this machine you must have a transformer, the transformer is not part of the machine equipment and must be ordered separately.

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