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NT4300 DCG/1500 (Reference-Nr. 190048)

Asking price

  • Reference number 190048
    Manufacture Year 2018
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Machining centres
  • Machining centres (Universal)
  • Fanuc

  • General
    Turning-milling centre; Control: Control F31iB5
    Swing- Ø, max. 730 mm
    Drive power main spindle 22/18,5 kW
    Movements X / Z 195/1525 mm
    Rotary tool spindle speed -6000 rpm
    Lower Turret 10 Positions
    Number of Toolmagazine positions 100
    Speed max. 12000 rpm
    Slewability of B-Axis +/-120 degree
    Movements X / Z / Y 750/1550/+-210 mm
    Max. Turning Length 1518 mm
    Speed max. 3000 rpm
    Bar diametre 90 mm
    Spindle speed 2nd Spindle max. 3000 rpm
    Bar diametre 90 mm
    Milling spindle upper side 1
    Drive power second spindle 22/18,5 kW
    Drive power milling spindle 18,5/11 kW
    Drive power tool spindle 5,5/3,7 kW
    Weight approx. 26600 Kg

  • (Spindle 1) KITAGAWA 12in. Hollow Chuck B-212A821F (Spindle 1) KITAGAWA 12-inch Hollow Chuck B-212A821F Three-jaw hydraulic chuck manufactured by Kitagawa Iron Works. Chuck outer diameter: Ø304 mm Through-hole diameter: Ø91 mm Gripping diameter: Max. Ø304 mm, Min. Ø42 mm Jaw stroke (diameter): 10.
    (Spindle 1) Hollow Cylinder set for KITAGAWA 12in. Hollow Chuck B-212A821F (without chuck body) (Spindle 1) Hollow Cylinder set for 12 in. chuck
    (Spindle 2) Hollow Cylinder set for KITAGAWA 12in. Hollow Chuck B-212A821F (without chuck body) (Spindle 2) Hollow Cylinder set for 12 in. chuck
    Chuck foot switch (double) for spindle 1, 2 Chuck foot switch (double) for spindle 1, 2 Chuck opening and closing on spindle 1 and 2 are operated by twin chuck footswitch.
    Capto C6 Capto C6 This specification uses the Capto C6 tool holder.
    Spindle 2 tailstock specifications Spindle 2 Tailstock Specification The specification to push a workpiece by the center mounted in the spindle 2 chuck. This allows you to machine the tip of the workpiece. When using spindle 2 as a tailstock, the motor equipped with a brake is installe
    Tool storage capacity 100 tools (Capto C6, HSK-A63) Tool strage capacity 100 tools (Capto C6)
    Chip conveyor (right discharge, hinge type) (/1500) Chip conveyor (right discharge, hinge type) (/1500) Chips are discharged on a hinge-type plate. This offers better separation of coolant and chips than other chip conveyors. Compatible chips Curled long chips ...Long curled-shaped series of chips that
    Super-high-pressure coolant system I/F (7.0 MPa, KNOLL) Super-high-pressure coolant system I/F (7.0 MPa, KNOLL) We have prepared an I/F for the high-pressure coolant unit (Knoll). * High pressure coolant unit main body (Knoll) is not included in this specification.
    Air blow for tool tip Air Blow For Tool Tip Air blow for removing chips and coolant from the tool tip. Air blow is through the turret coolant port. Air blow to the tool tip is effective in removing debris while measuring the tool or removing chips during dry machining.Air /
    Air blow for chuck (spindle 1) Air Blow for Chuck (Spindle 1) Air is blown to the chuck for removing chips adhering to it. Removing the chips prevents the gripping accuracy from being impaired by the chip pinching. The air blow nozzle is installed on the upper part of chuck. The co
    Mist collector Interface (duct only, dia. 200 mm ) Mist Collector Interface (Duct Only, Dia 200 mm (7.874 in) ) Interface for attaching a mist collector to collect dust and particles and to condense oil mist and smoke generated during the machining process. Includes only the duct outlet from the machine b
    Manual pulse generator (separate type) Manual pulse generator (separate type) Adding handy type pulse handle improves operability during set-up operation. The switch on the operation panel can change which pulse handle is used on the operation panel or handheld side. Handheld pulse handle of
    Setting Unit mm Setting Unit, MM The unit to be used for the screen display and program commands is set to millimeter (mm). Turning: MM specification for the turret Horizontal machining center: MM specification for the tapped pallet
    Part program storage length 8 MB (20,480 m) in total + Registerable programs 1,000 in total Part Program Storage Length 8 MB (20,480 m) in Total + Registerable Programs 1,000 in Total The storage capacity of CNC can be increased to 8 MB (20,480 m) to register up to 1,000 programs.
    (Only for Europe) Islands, open pockets Islands, open pockets Islands ·Programming process can be greatly simplified because minimum input operation is required even for the complex machining. Open pockets Definition of open pockets eliminates tool paths with no machining allowance, makin
    (Only for Europe) High-speed canned cycle High-speed canned cycle High-speed cutting can be specified with one line of program. This function enables the user to reduce programming time by adding a new cycle that can create a high-speed, time saving complicated programs.
    Knoll KF110/700 Filter System 7.0 MPa Knoll KF110/700 Filter system 7.0 MPa - 31 l/min - 5.5kW high pressure coolant pump - vario valve - paper filter - 700 l coolant tank with cleaning opening - float switch - electrical connection 3x400 V - hose assembly (5m) and interface cable (10m). With
    Transformer 95 kVA 95 kVA three phase autotransformer with cabinet CLPB 50F- 1427T18001. Cable lugs of transformer cable might have to be replaced during installation.

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