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Dorian Tool International


Dorian Tool International Inc.
615 County Road 219
77435 East Bernard, TX
United States
+1 979 282-2861
+1 979 282-2951

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 37 categories

Precision tools & clamping technology
Cutting tools
Forming tools
Tooling systems

About us

Dorian Tool’s Vision and Guiding Principle
“Tomorrow’s Technology in Today’s Machine Tools”, is Dorian Tool’s vision and guiding principle.

This is reflected by our total commitment to help today’s customers achieve their goals by supplying the most advanced tooling with the highest standard of quality and innovative technology in the marketplace. Our highly trained and skilled engineers have developed technologies that set new standards in the industry and changed the machining process forever.

By developing new ideas and promoting new technology, Dorian Tool has continuously improved its products, service, technical support, and delivery to customers.

Our Commitment
For over 20 years Dorian Tool has been an active player in the metal working and other related manufacturing industries, particularly in the research and development of highly technical, innovative tooling. The continued focus on improving the design and use of the latest technology in production has resulted in tools which simplify machining processes, enhance manufacturing quality and increase production output. Our tools are admired for being user friendly and we have received admiration from machine shops, large and small, from around the world for significantly improving their profitability.

Dorian Tool offers a wide range of high performance tooling to cover the needs of a wide range of industries. Whether machining parts for automotive, aerospace, oil, defense or other industrial applications; large parts or small; no matter the size or complexity, the unmatched quality of Dorian Tool products “Will Turn Machining Into Profit”
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