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Duck Myung Co.,Ltd (DCM)


Duck Myung Co. Ltd. (DCM)
110-50 Hyojagak-ro, Seosin-myeon
18556 Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
South Korea

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About us

Our company is specialized in cutting tools and circular saw blades for metals. We have been doing our best to produce products of high-precision, high-productivity and low-cost which our customers always requires, and become one of the leading companies in this field of business in Korea.

We are not just satisfied with this and we are trying to do our best to produce and supply high quality products with lower price, introducing state of the art technology. Based on our 30 years' experience of creating new ways, we are beginning new 30 years of innovation.

Equipped with professionalism that there we are where there are customers, we are, from now on, going to give all of our heart and strength for nurturing highly qualified professionals, developing technology, and prompt delivery.
We would like you to keep a tender glance on us and give us advice and support.
Thank you.