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DVS Production – Ten years of expansion

The cornerstone for DVS Production GmbH was laid ten years ago in Krauthausen near Eisenach in Thuringia/Germany. Since then the company has developed into a holistic system provider for the automotive industry. Following modest beginnings with just four employees, today the company has 140 members of staff. Thanks to persistent growth based on long-standing customer relations paired with the use of state-of-the-art machinery and tools from the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP for high-precision machining of car powertrain components, the company is already planning a further expansion of its capacities.

In 2004, DVS Production GmbH was still working out of hired premises in Eisenach in Thuringia/Germany. Just three years later it moved to its current site in the commercial estate of nearby Krauthausen. As a member of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP and with a rapidly growing customer base of international firms in the automotive industry, the company soon set course for expansion. The premises were extended both in 2009 and 2014 to create additional capacities for logistics, administration and particularly for all the machinery. At the moment, the DVS production specialist's site proudly covers a surface area of around 12,000 m².

DVS production specialist

As production company in the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, DVS Production GmbH has direct access to DVS state-of-the-art machining technology for lathing, milling, hobbing, grinding and gear honing for precise, efficient production primarily of components for car transmission systems. This cooperation within the group also has a positive reciprocal effect, as the machine and tool providers of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP profit in turn from the production expertise and experience of DVS Production, thus putting them in a position to constantly optimise their range of services in terms of production-specific customer requirements.

The core business of DVS Production GmbH consists of soft and hard-fine machining for the mass production of many different components in the car powertrain. This includes for example gear wheels, drive shafts, planetary gears, synchroniser rings and clutch bodies. As a holistic system provider, the company covers the entire production process from purchasing the raw materials through to finishing the final product ready for installation.

Digitised, automated production

The dynamically progressive use of extensively autonomous, digitised production systems is an elementary aspect of how DVS Production organises its production processes. Parts are produced on the specific production lines with a high degree of autonomy and automation. Special digitisation systems ensure direct real-time monitoring and management of specific process sequences; they also permit unique marking for complete, unambiguous traceability of every single produced part. The quality of the manufactured components is verifiably assured for decades on the basis of the DVS company's zero defect strategy – an advantage not just for DVS Production but particularly for its customers.

Practical process development and optimisation

The DVS company takes the same approach for dealing with the currently dynamic developments in car and truck powertrain engineering towards electromobility, with the associated more demanding customer requirements and stricter statutory regulations. For example, suitable improvements to the noise and wear behaviour of corresponding vehicle transmissions will necessitate even more precise manufacturing of corresponding components. The ideal design of new, complex mass production processes tailored to specific needs entails close cooperation, both with the customer and also within the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP. DVS Production GmbH thus sets itself up as innovative development and manufacturing partner for powertrain projects to offer its customers early support with economical, precise production solutions for needed parts.

Expanding into next year

DVS Production GmbH has done well by keeping abreast of technological developments and by taking a future-oriented, far-sighted approach. Productivity has been consistently improved with uncompromising quality while enhancing the firm's competitive ability. In 2018 already, several millions of Euros will again be invested in expanding the logistics and administration buildings as well as the machine park at the Krauthausen site. The company also plans to take on a further 60 new employees. After all, expansion is still the objective.


Mr. Marc Hain
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D-63128 Dietzenbach

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