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Eberlei Maschinen

Sale of machines and machine parts


Eberlei Maschinen GmbH & Co. KG
Stahlstraße 37
26215 Wiefelstede
0049 (0)4402 / 86366-0

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clamping cube Stahl 305/225/H205 mm

Asking price

  • Reference number 28976
    Manufacture Year not applicable
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Accessories, Tooling accessories, Welding
  • Cubic and angle plates
  • Stahl
  • Clamping angle, T-slot plate, clamping table, clamping cube, clamping plate, clamping tower, clamping box

    -Towing cube: heavy version
    -T-slot: 17mm, slot spacing 75mm
    -Groove spacing: 150 mm
    -Dimensions: 305/225/H205 mm
    -Weight: 41 kg

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